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Denis Woldemariam (He/Him)

Software Engineer
Remote, Minneapolis

About Me

Experienced Software Developer with extensive background in various coding languages, working in remote online settings in a collaborative manner using Zoom, Slack, Google hangouts and Github live share and developing websites from the ground up.Find satisfaction in building amazingly designed responsive website that is user friendly, which optimizes user experience and increases accessibility. Websites that improve the lives of those who use it while achieving business goals in a cost-effective and sustainable way. Specialize in javaScript, React, Node.js and SQL. Professional strengths include written and verbal communication, adaptability, teamwork and time management.

I'm looking for
I am looking for a company that fosters a sense of community in which everyone feels valued and respected. I would love to be part of a company that encourages and cultivates professional development of its employees through mentorship, conferences and educational opportunities. I would love to be part of a company that works to make positive changes and make people's lives better. Last but not least I would love to be part of a company that creates a fun environment for people to socialize and work together as one community.