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Sudha Kumar

Data Engineer or Analyst / Software Engineer
Remote, San Diego, CA

I am a Software Engineer who has worked with Software Design and Development, Data Engineering and Computer Vision. I have been involved with full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in New Product Development with Customer Collaboration. I have also worked with Continuous Product Improvement (sustaining engineering) activities. I am a fast learner that can easily learn and implement new technologies. Using Python, Pandas, SQL, Apache Spark, Hive, OOAD.

Corey Julian Davis

Senior Data Analyst
Portland, Remote

My background is diverse with experiences in Financial Services, Marketing, Healthcare, and Insurance. I'm equally versed in a highly-technical skill set while still being able to have a clear conversation translating insights for a client, C-suite executive, or colleague.

Mahima Gupta

Entry Level/New Grad - Software Engineer/Data Scientist
Prefer California- Bay area but open to relocation

I am a recent graduate from University of Southern California with Master’s in Computer Science. I am actively looking for full-time opportunities in SWE as well as Data Science/Analytics. I took up courses like Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval. A few years ago, I was introduced to the world of Data Science and analytics through one of my internships. I’m passionate about data science and software engineering.I wish to work at the intersection of technology and social good, and hope to use code as a tool to improve the world.

Britt Allen

Data Analyst, Data Scientist
Oakland - Bay Area, Remote

I thrive on outcomes and in roles where I can affect real-world, positive change with data and teach others how to make better use of it. I aim to build on my full stack data background specifically in analytics or data science because I find it allows me to lean on my analysis and communication skills while working cross-functionally to provide solutions. I get fulfillment from raising the collective knowledge and ability of those around me. My superpowers are that I am candid and vulnerable; an effective writer, speaker, listener, and empathizer; and I learn and adapt quickly.

Mahzad Khoshlessan

AI Engineer/Machine Learning Engineer/Data Engineer

I am an ML Engineer/AI Engineer interested in applied machine learning and AI. I have +5 years of experience in Python programming, parallel computing and scaling programming models and +3 years of experience leading complex, data-driven research projects to completion. I love working on projects designed to solve real-world problems using AI technology. I have strong leadership skills and am passionate about creating successful data-driven models in production.

Hope Conklin

Data Analyst

I am a recent graduate of Penn State University where I received my Master's in Data Analytics. I have been building data analysis and machine learning capabilities across government and commercial sectors for over 5 years. I am recognized as an algorithm developer, who leverages data science, modeling and simulation, and advanced analytics techniques to develop data-driven insights and products. I am valued for strong interpersonal and communication skills and ability to excel on a wide range of analytic projects. I hold a deep passion for STEM outreach to increase diversity in STEM.

Reena Turak

Data Engineer

Senior Data Engineer with 5+ years in data and 10+ years in Software Engineering teams. Experienced with ML, exploratory data analysis and real-time pipelines. Passionate about data-driven decision making.

Marco Sandoval

Data Engineer
CA, Remote, West coast

I am a Computer Science masters student researching Chaos Theory. I’ve worked at Intel and Boeing as a Software Engineer with a focus on data. Some projects include: scaling out a PoC, developing a drone fleet management system(full stack). Check my website for more info. Thank you and StaySafe

Julie Chen

Product or Data Analyst
New York City

I enjoy using data to understand user behavior and to help inform decisions that impact how customers engage with products or businesses. I have experience developing data driven insights and championing them into action at a B2B2C startup, where I analyzed user behavior to optimize the customer journey and suggest product improvements. This includes defining KPIs, developing dashboards and analyzing product performance to address business questions. I am looking for analytical opportunities in areas such as product analytics and customer analytics. Skills/tools: Numeracy (SQL), Jupyter Notebook (Python), Google Data Studio, Tableau, Looker, Confluence, Jira

Jaydeep Dholakia

Data Scientist
No location preference

With teaching myself Machine Learning and Python from scratch to working as a Machine Learning intern, and present my research poster at IEEE's international conference. I've had little experience in on how company wide projects works, where it's 10% of ML/DL models and rest is data collection, processing, and visualization. I'm a dedicated learner who is very eager to contribute and work with way more experienced people than me.

Ismael Melendez

Data Analyst
No location preference

I have over 3 years of experience in digital organizing and field experience in non-profit advocacy as a student organizer. As a student leader developed skills in community outreach, public speaking, and event organizing. Through my college career developed Python Django application with API functionality. After have developed more web application using Jamstack or MERN.

Kwasi Arhin

Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer
Remote, NY, LA, SF, DC

I am a Data Scientist/ML Engineer with a love of learning and applying new techniques & technologies. In my 4+ years of experience in the Data industry, I have deployed various different ML models. Currently, I have been working on a project to help black-owned food & beverage companies in the D.M.V. area. You can check it out at www.sankofaeats.com.

Saloni Garg

Data Scientist, Software Engineer
Open to relocate, Remote

Self-starter with a passion for Data Science and Software Programming. I'm looking for Junior/Entry-level Data Scientist and Software Engineering roles. I've worked at Red Hat in the past.