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Danie Karaplis (She/Her/Hers)

Product Manager

About Me

As a PM of 10 years with proven success in large and small companies alike, I've built teams and launched several products. I'm Treasurer of a women-in-tech org and I’ve done several talks at conferences and meetups. My passion is improving peoples’ lives by dissecting market problems using empathy and collaborating to build creative solutions.

I'm looking for
I want to join a company whose mission and purpose align with that of my own. I believe that technology can and should be used as a catalyst to create good. I also want to join a company that values families and knows that parents have responsibilities outside of everyday work. When I lost my last job due to the pandemic, I reflected on what I want out of a career and realized how important it is to work with a team that empathizes with and celebrates families. I love being a product manager, and I love being a mother. I want to live in a world where both can be true. More than anything, I want to work at a place that I can be proud of while also being able to grow as a product leader.