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Cody campbell (He/Him/His)

UX/UI Designer
Remote, No Location Preference, Open to Relocation

About Me

I'm a UX/UI Designer who is passionate about fighting for the user. I do this by creating human-centered and usable products. I believe that great design can change the way people live and for the better. After spending the past five years in marketing, I am an excellent problem solver and know that building relationships is the key to understanding users' frustrations. Designing a solution and keeping the user in mind is the foundation to creating a great and inclusive product which is what made me fall in love with UX/UI.

I'm looking for
I'm really looking to actually start my UX/UI career. In the past, I've worked at a few places doing UX/UI design but none of them were a career path. I want to work for a company that values diversity and inclusion and work/life balance. A place that values development for its employees would be an amazing fit. I'm hoping to work in a team environment because I enjoy collaboration and believe it helps to create better design.