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Christopher Watkin (He/him)

Web Developer / Programmer
Remote, Charlotte NC area, Seattle WA area. Open to other locations

About Me

I am a Deaf individual who enjoys learning and working with code/programming. I first got into IT learning COBOL, JCL, DB2 (and SQL) and eventually working as a Mainframe QA Tester. I enjoyed that role as I am a curious person along with being meticuloustly detail oriented! I'm aiming to get back into IT as a Front End Dev (entry level) , entry level COBOL programmer or QA Tester (automation or Mainframe). I'm comfortable with HTML, CSS, React, Ruby on Rails, javascript (and COBOL ;) ). I'm eager to learn as much as I can and I'm hoping to dip my toe into Python soon!

I'm looking for
I'm more interested in a mid to large size company; team size doesn't matter too much. While I do well on my own, I still like the ability to have other devs (or testers) available on my team for me to bounce questions off or when needed.
My style is easy-going however that doesn't mean I can change gears quickly when needed. In both my current (non IT) job and past jobs I've learned to prioritize what's important NOW and what can wait a bit.