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Carol Hansen (She/They)

Backend Software Engineer
Remote (Chicago, IL)

About Me

I am a backend software generalist with a strong focus on bests practices and knowledge sharing. My favorite projects involve improving workflows and strengthening systems with a keen eye on simplicity, performance and low maintenance. My experience spans a variety of projects, from data processing pipelines at scale, build systems and custom CI/CD platforms, to performance work, teamwide infra migrations, documentation refactoring and more. I bring a testing and security mindset to my work and enjoy collaborating with others as much as heads down time. I am strategic, curious, methodical and empathetic.

I'm looking for
I am motivated by backbone work that enables others and strengthens the systems we rely on. I'm seeking a care-centered engineering culture that values tests, system stability and knowledge sharing just as much as new features. Ideally, I'm looking for a company that has a strong remote and documentation culture, has already built in a foundation of inclusion and psychological safety for the team, and encourages the team to take time off.