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Carlos Diaz

Web Developer
Los Angeles, Remote.

About Me

I earned an undergraduate degree in Political Science at Drexel University and began my professional career as a higher education administrator. While I have always been curious about technology, the moment that inspired me to dive into tech was when, in a prior role, I received 70 paper forms that needed to have data extracted and organized. This led me to learn how to use basic premade web forms, which led me to wonder what powered those forms. I currently work as an academic advisor for a undergraduate Biomedical Engineering program. Since learning the basics of programming and web development I’ve found small ways to save me, and my colleagues, just a bit of time every day.

I'm looking for
I find that I really enjoy solving problems. I’d be interested in a role that presents interesting challenges every day. I also recognize that, being early in my career, I have a lot to learn. I’m very interested in being surrounded by positive and talented people that are willing to offer suggestions when I get stuck. Being self-taught, I am sure I have gaps in my knowledge. Once discovering a better approach, I won’t make the same mistake twice. I’d like to be an environment where mistakes are seen as opportunities for improvement.