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Britt Allen (She/Her)

Data Analyst, Data Scientist
Oakland - Bay Area, Remote

About Me

I thrive on outcomes and in roles where I can affect real-world, positive change with data and teach others how to make better use of it. I aim to build on my full stack data background specifically in analytics or data science because I find it allows me to lean on my analysis and communication skills while working cross-functionally to provide solutions. I get fulfillment from raising the collective knowledge and ability of those around me. My superpowers are that I am candid and vulnerable; an effective writer, speaker, listener, and empathizer; and I learn and adapt quickly.

I'm looking for
I am looking for a healthy balance of guidance/direction and autonomy. I am looking to be apart of a driven, collaborative, and empathetic team. I am looking for the opportunity to be challenged and grow, for the space to fail and learn as well as the space to win and be celebrated. I want to be able to draw on my analytical and communications skills. I am looking for stability, something long-term, a mutual investment.