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Brendon Wright

Software Engineer
Remote or The New York Metropolitan area

About Me

I am a Computer Science graduate who is an aspiring Software Engineer. I am passionate about building projects that are going to help individuals within my community. I have experience using Python, Java, HTML, CSS, and Reactjs. I am looking to expand my knowledge on the current languages I am familiar with as well as learning new languages and frameworks that will help my team and myself flourish in the long-term.

I'm looking for
In my new role, I am looking for a community within the workplace where we guide and uplift one another through whatever bumps we come across. I would like an opportunity where I get to learn something new everyday whether it's about my enhancing my technical skills or it's improving myself as a person. My goal once acquiring my new role is to absorb all the information and skills that I can to influence the next generation to pursue a career in tech and to hopefully influence the ones around them to do the same.

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