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DevRel & Web Dev Leadership role

About Me

Award-winning open-source engineer and developer advocate. Working with Google Developers as GDE for Web/CSS. Author of various open-source dev-tools and software libraries used by millions of developers worldwide. Leading developers and publishing technical content for over a decade. Self-confessed tech comedian cracking silly jokes in the JavaScript web and cloud communities.

I'm looking for
I help businesses understand developers and market to them in a way they appreciate. If you've ever used Node, React, webpack, WordPress, Bootstrap — you've used my code as I contribute to open source regularly.
I serve on the Node.js Community Committee. I have built one of the top five largest Developer meetup communities. I'd love to help lead a company's developers or web-oriented product to mass adoption with improved trickle-down experience (both User Experience & Developer Experience).
An established voice in dev community: Verified tech-blogger Twitter account @MrAhmadAwais, 4.1 Million blog views, 123K subscribers, 7.2M answer-views on StackOverflow, and 15K GitHub followers/stargazers.