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Andrew Enoe (He/Him)

Software Engineer
Remote, New York

About Me

I am a recent graduate of the Marcy Lab School, an intense and comprehensive one-year Software Engineering Bootcamp. I am also serving on the Board of Directors of this program as a Young Trustee. I have been able to test my mastery of concepts and technologies by creating projects with team members by utilizing frontend and backend technologies and contributing to the open source community by writing technical blogs. I have also built the necessary soft skills through my previous experiences, ranging from founding an organization that mentors students to collaborating with a team of software engineers to build a full-stack application for marginalized communities. I believe that in order to obtain success in this industry, one has to be coachable and be able to utilize feedback.

I'm looking for
My dream role would consist of mission-driven work and opportunities for growth. One of my core values is to provide support to those in need by working on projects that can make a positive impact on the world.
I also value teamwork and communication, so I would love to work in a job setting where everyone works together well and holds themselves accountable. Having a mentor and having an opportunity to work with senior engineers and staff from different teams will also allow me to internalize new concepts and continue learning and taking on challenges.