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Ananya Kaushik (sher/her)

Software Engineer
Remote, San Francisco Bay Area

About Me

I’m a software engineer with a background in data science. I love to learn new technologies and I pick up new skills quickly to ensure I deliver high quality code, communicate technical methods effectively, and drive customer value. I’m self-driven and further motivated by collaborating and making connections with a team. In my performance reviews, my manager commended me for being a self-starter and exceeding expectations. I value honest communication and feedback, I’m committed to thoroughly executing solutions, I aim to constantly expand my skills, and I'm willing to do what it takes to meet shared goals focused on creating an impact. As I transition from data science into software engineering, I’m eager to join a team that encourages a passion for learning and growth, and I’m excited to use my new and old skills to succeed in my future role.

I'm looking for
The dream would be to join an environment that really encourages growth in every aspect. One of my primary goals is to learn alongside contributing code, so that I can gain experience in a breadth of skills and eventually also specialize/ become a SME in a specific skillset. I’d love to join a company that gives me the space and the support to grow and explore where I want to take my career. Another aspect that’s really important to me is working with a supportive, collaborative, dedicated, goal-oriented, and friendly team - I’m genuinely motivated by the culture and trust built by a team. Finally, having worked at a large tech company with many moving parts, it’s really important to me to see the clear impact of the work I do and know that my work is effective, goal-focused, and makes a difference. If the work is in the social impact space, that would be further motivating too!