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Amy Chantasirivisal (She/Her)

Software Engineering Leader, Director, VP, CTO

About Me

A software engineering leader who believes that truly diverse and inclusive teams start with empathy and by putting people first. My role is to facilitate and align employee needs with org needs in a way where both can be successful and thrive.

I'm looking for
I am looking for a strategic leadership role where I can build and/or grow a team while prioritizing the practices and processes that enable an inclusive team culture and foster employee growth. Working with other members of a leadership team, I want to help define and guide the employees towards a longer term vision and strategy for products that have a positive social impact, whether that's environmental, racial, political, medical, or otherwise. My main motivation is to use technology to enable or serve those who may not have had access, ability, or privilege to certain spaces/products in the past.
I particularly love working in smaller organizations where I can exercise my breadth of skills that extend beyond the domain of software engineering. I deeply respect and value the various business functions that need to exist in order to run a company, and am always looking to learn from my peers in that regard.