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Amanda Shafack (She/Her)

Software Engineer, Intern

About Me

Self-directed Software Engineer who is highly passionate about solving problems using technology and building tech communities. Skilled in building software applications using Dart, Flutter, C, GTK and SQL. Opensource contributor at the GNOME foundation and carries out experiments with other Opensource projects. Contributed to the growth of a thriving female tech community of over 200 women during my term as a Women Techmakers Ambassador and a Google Developer Co-organizer.

I'm looking for
Over the past two years, I have been honing my coding and problem-solving skills by contributing to open-source projects and taking online classes.
I am looking for a position where I get to work on challenging tasks that push me to heights I never thought possible; which translate into valuable contributions.
Also, one that enables me to network, learn and get constructive feedback about my work from other experienced co-workers.