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Amanda Baird

Business Analyst
New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Oakland, Remote

About Me

I have 10+ years of combined experience in various Analyst roles in Investment Banking, as a Digital Marketing consultant, and a Project Manager. Curiousity for the world fuels me, empathy for others ground me. I have taken courses on my own time in Product Management, Blockchain, and Data Science to better understand the tech world ecosystem to improve & evolve on my natural skills.

I'm looking for
I am looking to work for a company and in a role that puts customers at the forefront & embraces creativity and allows for learning & evolving. I am attracted to companies that are building solutions that are addressing inequities (Chime, Carver Edison) and those that are trying to build for the future (Kuali, Cesium). I thrive best in roles that allow for a little independence, promotes & supports diverse and collaborative environments across the board, embraces flexible working options, and has an eye toward the future.