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Alexaleigh Imani Colon (They/He)

Software Engineer
Remote, Areas around Boston, New York, and Philly

About Me

My preferred name is Neaux (pronounced “no”) I am a results-orientated recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Computer Science with 5.5+ years of work experience. Aiming to leverage my academic experience and proven knowledge of OOP and web-based programming languages, fascination with rising CS industries, and an adaptive work style to successfully kick off my career. Praised as detail-oriented by peers, I am excited to see where my talents take me!

I'm looking for
I would love to work for a company that actively celebrates diversity and encourage their workers to grow and think outside the box. Ideally, it would foster a friendly environment that sees others not solely as competition but a team that is stronger together. Not particular about what field as there is plenty to learn in all areas of tech but slight preference towards cybersecurity. I would like to be a team player, effective in doing my part to make the whole run smoothly. I am a natural born leader and know when to take charge and when to delegate. I would like a position where I have the freedom to show what I can do and I can challenge myself more everyday and grow into a stronger, more capable software engineer.

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