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Alex Jones (She.Her)

Front End Developer

About Me

I am a Full Stack Web Developer with a background in Psychology, Bussiness, and customer service. I am a recent graduate of the NuCamp Coding Bootcamp. I am pursuing a full-time position as a Web Developer or Product Manager. I have experience working with managment as a liasian, a bit of freelance experience with clients in project based work, and have a strength in communicating and collaborating in team settings. In the workplace, I am a motivated self-starter. I excel in brainstorming\problem solving, adapting with change, and am a quick learner. I enjoy working with people who are passionate about what they do, curating and bringing new ideas to completion in practical and effective ways.

I'm looking for
I hope to find a team I can join and grow in the long-term with. I enjoy a bit of challenge especially in project based work where at completion I can look back with appreciation on what our team has built. I hope to join a culture who values people and has high aspirtations\goals, yet gladly recognizes the humanity of each individual who comprises the team. I work best in a setting where some work is done independently and there is a portion of team collaboration as well. I believe creativity balloons with the ratio of diversity as well as the level of acceptance of failure as a stepping stone (point of learning) towards success.
As I am newer to tech industry roles I am hoping to join a company that supports and provides mentorship facilitating long-term growth and intentional betterment of all teammembers (whether new or well seasoned) - Growth culture is very important to me!