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Ademosu Adeola (He/Him)

Frontend Developer

About Me

I am Frontend Developer, proficient in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, and REACTJS, I’ve been working on web app development for two years now since I decided to transition from real estate to tech because of my curiosity. Had my own projects, coded mostly in HTML, CSS, javascript, and reactjs, and I have also worked in a team of 4 - 25 people remotely. And I learned a lot, both at work and while working on the applications. Apart from coding, I enjoy reading a good book, traveling, and exercising.

I'm looking for
To be honest I really dont have a particular industry in mind, but I would want to work somewhere that I am motivated every day, work on projects that expand my curiosity. the main ones on my mind right now are fintech, game development, healthcare, I would really love to work with a blockchain company too but I don't have much experience with blockchain development for now.