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SOC/Cyber Security Analyst or Pen Tester
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About Me

I’m an aspiring Cyber Security professional with background in Education and IT. Graduated with an MSc Computer Forensics and Cyber Security from University of Greenwich in July 18 2019, then Covid19 happened before I could start applying for security roles, after I resigned from my lead Teacher of Computing position. During the pandemic, I took on the challenge to embark on reskilling in hopes of pursuing my passion in Cyber Security and as a lifelong learner. This led me to complete online trainings in Cyber Security, Python and Web Development bootcamps, and more recently CEH v11 to to meet the ever changing and increasing demand for Cyber Security professionals. And my inspiration to positively impact my community. Therefore, I am to learn, enhance and continue to develop practical hands on skills I acquired using Kali and ParrotOS offensive/defensive tools while studying for CEH v11 and other computer security related trainings and courses.

I'm looking for
As a lifelong learner I am keen on constant challenges, learning new technologies and growth are fulfilling for me. Therefore, I am looking for an entry role where I can learn and grow simultaneously with people from diverse backgrounds that work as a team without prejudice.