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Levi Huang (She/Her/Hers)

Project Manager
Remote, Madison,WI

Project manager | Advocate for inclusive, trauma-informed research on well-being and mental health. Experience with cross-functional teams, leadership, external team management, and app dev cycle.

Sia Seko (She/Her/Hers)

Data Analytics Developer
No location preference

I am an aspiring machine learning engineer with programming and data analysis experience; and a dual background in mathematics and creative writing looking for entry level opportunities. To stay sharp, I have freelanced to clean data, set up databases, and made data projects including sports, logistics automation, and language processing.

Emmanuel Owusu (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
New York City, Philadelphia, Remote

I am a Software Engineer with experience in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, HTML, JQuery, etc. My background is in Physics and Design Engineering, and I enjoy writing unit and feature tests.

Cesar Mota (He/him/his)

Software Engineer

A recent boot camp grad, with over a year's worth of experience in web development. My tech stack includes: Ruby On Rails, SQL, Sinatra, Express, NodeJS, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and ReactJS. I have experience with Object-oriented programming, CRUD functions, data-structures, DOM manipulation and life cycles, asynchronous processes, RESTful APIs, MVC structures, GIT, and many more concepts. I have experience in developing both front-end solutions as well as back-end API’s and servers. I have experience launching multiple webpages on cloud infrastructures and also implementing mobile responsiveness.

Liz Redford (she/her/hers)

Data Analyst/Scientist

I use data & statistics (Ph.D.-level) to answer questions about how people feel and act in a digital context.

Drithi Iyer (She/Her/Hers)

Business/Data Analyst, Product Manager
No location preference

Hi! My name is Drithi Iyer and I am a Business Systems Analyst at IQVIA, supporting the Phoenix project. IQVIA weaves together the technologies, resources, and expertise our customers need to rise to the next opportunity. I enjoy collaborating on projects that challenge me to think analytically in a data-centric environment. Outside of work, I love cooking and traveling with my family.

Alexandra Aguirre Hiraoka (She/Her/Hers)

UX/UI Designer

Hello, I’m Alexandra, a Peruvian/American Product Designer based in San Francisco with an art world background in conceptualizing and crafting physical experiences, gallery events and exhibitions. Currently, in wanting to extend my capacity for impact, I’m developing my full end-to-end passion in producing digital interfaces from user understanding to delivery. Because to me, there’s nothing more satisfying than improving the lives of others, even in the smallest of ways.

Journie Ma-Johnson (She/Her/Hers)

Web Developer
Remote or Los Angeles

Los Angeles-based web developer with a passion for intuitive and accessible web design. I am proficient with HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript, and its frameworks such as Vue and React. I am always excited to learn new skills and work with other passionate people. My skills, curiosity, and positive attitude would make me a great addition to your team!

Carmen Wright (She/Her/Hers)

UX/UI Designer
Remote, Las Vegas

I'm an entry-level UX/UI Designer who values inclusive design and accessibility. I have a background in retail customer service that helps me understand users. I have multiple certificates in design and front-end development (HTML/CSS) from Skillcrush. I have experience building Squarespace sites and hope to include Webflow to my toolbox.

Victor Hicks (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
No location preference

Experienced Software Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the transportation/trucking/railroad industry. Skilled in PHP, Full-Stack Development, Javascript, C#, Java, Messaging, Scripting, and Scrum. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Science (BS) focused in Computer Science from Jacksonville University. Hard working and well rounded developer with a diverse set of skills.

Rachel Fischoff (she/her/hers)

Software Engineer
Raleigh-Durham, NC, Remote

Creative and passionate Software Engineer who loves learning new things, social justice, and good design informed by data. I enjoy building websites & applications that make the world more just and contributing to Open Source Projects.I'm proficient in building applications using the MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js and Node.js) in addition to HTML/CSS, WordPress, Python/Flask & MySQL. From UX/UI to querying databases. From creating API architecture to Machine Learning. Not to mention the classic day to day debugging; I thoroughly enjoy being an engineer.I volunteer my time with Out in Tech, including their Digital Corps which provides web services to LGBTQ+ activists around the world. I enjoy building sites and applications that make the world more just.

Jesse van Oss (They/Them/Theirs)

UX Researcher
Chicago, but willing to relocate

So far my professional career has centered around creating costumes for stage productions at the Metropolitan Opera. This work demands the ability to tell stories on stage with nothing but fabric and engineering. I believe that this innate ability to bring the story front and center is what will make me a great UX Researcher.

Ranika Williams (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
Texas, Remote

Hi! My name is Ranika and I’m a former healthcare professional turned software engineer. I’m excited to combine my years of experience providing patient care and collaborating on teams with my new expertise in Ruby on Rails and Javascript to a new opportunity as a developer. My passion for learning, along with my skills and curiosity, is what piqued my interest in learning to code. I enjoy learning new technologies and the ways that I can use them to become an even stronger developer and I’d love the opportunity to bring these skills to the team.

Quadrey Johnson (He/Him)

Cyber Security
Texas or Virginia

As a person that enjoys learning and seeing new things I have always been interested in technology because it is always changing and slowly shaping the world we live in today. I graduated in 2019 from Longwood University with a degree in Business Administration and am currently searching for a job in this field.

Danny Romero (He/Him/His)

Full Stack Developer
San Diego, Remote

Full Stack Developer based in San Diego, CA. I have specialize in React and Ruby on Rails full stack development but have experience with Python Django/Flask, jQuery, SASS, and Amazon Web Services. I am a team player, excellent communicator, and driven individual that would be an asset to your team. I look forward to connecting!

Angelica Jones (She/Her/Hers)

Web Developer, Software Engineer, Graphic Designer
TX, DC-Metro Area, Remote, Columbia, SC,

I am a creative and ambitious IT professional with knowledge of web development, programming, technical analysis, and graphic design. I have a broad range of experience from institutional research to career services. In those positions, I have gained experience in database management, cultivating best research practices and web design. I enjoy serving the Texas A&M University - Central Texas students in various capacities utilizing my strengths in technical writing, marketing, graphic design, and social media to serve the campus community. I treasure socializing with students and the flexibility of providing services that meet their needs and demands because I strongly value fostering relationships and connections. For leisure, I enjoy playing video games, which peaked my interest in computer science. I practice yoga to energize my spirit and draw to tap into my creativity.

Emilio Quintana (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
Chicago, Remote, No location preference

Driven Software Engineer with a passion for building and designing web-based applications. Bsc in Computer Systems, Certification in Software Engineering and experience working as a Data Analyst at a Big Data startup. Daily stack includes: JavaScript, React, Ruby on Rails, Express, PostreSQL and MongoDB.

Priya Vaidya (She/Her/Hers)

Full Stack Web Developer

A Software Developer based in Los Angeles, CA who enjoys building things on the internet. I develop exceptional websites and web applications with efficient and modern backends.

Erica Lai (She/Her)

UX Designer
NYC, Remote, Open to relocation

I'm a UX Designer with a background in graphic design and customer service. I design experiences based on research and empathy for users. I'd like to create user experiences that make an impact on people's daily lives.

Sherri McMahon (She/Her/Hers)

Web Developer, Web Designer

Hi! I'm an Entry-Level Web Developer/Designer with experience in Bootstrap, React, Vanilla Js. I'm passionate about learning new tech and look forward to hearing from you!

Marko Delgadillo (He/Him/His)

Software QA Engineer
Los Angeles area or remote

Mid-level Software QA Engineer with experience in both manual and automation as well as Web and Mobile testing for cross-browser/cross-platform.

Ricardo Ramos (He/Him/His)

Full Stack Engineer
California, Remote

I am an entry-level full stack engineer. I enjoy learning new frameworks, tools, and languages. Some of my current projects involve working with React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, AWS and various REST API's. I have also worked with with Python, SQL, and Golang.

Leonel Rosales (He/Him)

Frontend Engineer
Los Angeles, CA or Remote

Hi, I'm an entry-level Frontend Engineer with experience in React and Vanilla Javascript. I enjoy building responsive scalable web application that meet the client needs. I have a passion for problem solving and when I am not looking at a computer I 'm playing soccer or tennis. Excited to join this community and I look forward to see how can I contribute to your company.

Erin D. Lilly (She/Her/Hers)

User Experience Researcher
Michigan, Remote

Erin Lilly (she/her/hers) is a User Experience Research Consultant dedicated to support meaningful experiences in digital and offline spaces through empathy and perspective.

Keiko Kamiya (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
Los Angeles, Irvine, Ventura, Remote

Multi-disciplined, innovative & problem solver with 13 years of healthcare background. Experience with programming, management, leadership & collaboration skills.

Anna Philips (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
No location preference

I graduated with my Master's in CS and my favorite programming language is Python 🐍 My Master's thesis project was part of a larger project (http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~gzhang60/MTATransit/), where we collected tweets around New York and developed a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) model that classifies and categorizes sentences automatically into a transit performance category. I was selected to be a part of the Google Summer of Code program 2018 with Fedora and worked with the CommOps team remotely to move, integrate and deploy an open-source Django web application to Fedora's infrastructure.

Shannon Crabill (She/Her/Hers)

Front-End Software Engineer
Remote, Maryland

Experienced in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript-based programming with a background in graphic design and email development. Possess strong skills in technical writing and public speaking that help technical teams maintain quality in a high volume environment. Experience working with marketing and external clients in enterprise-level financial services and healthcare companies. Interested in full-stack software engineer role with a focus on building front-end user interfaces

Leslie Thompson (She/Her/Hers)

Frontend Web Developer
Philadelphia area/Remote

Creative Front-end Developer with experience in React building responsive and interactive websites. I am currently enrolled in Lambda School's Full Stack Web program where I'm continuing to design programs using the industry's latest technologies. I am detail-oriented with strong technical ability and educational background in management and sales. Technical skills in Javascript, React, Redux, Node, HTML, CSS , SQL/NoSQL and more. In my free time I am an avid reader, plant mom, and love to travel.

Heather L White (She/Her/Hers)

Training and Development Manager
Remote or Frederick, MD area

An energetic & detail-oriented educator, program manager, customer service expert, & former small business owner looking to add my expertise, energy, & perspective to a company looking for a jack-of-all-trades person.

Julius Robinson (He/Him/His)

Web Developer

Hi! I'm an Entry-Level Web Developer with experience with Gatsby, React, Pug, and Vanilla Js. I'm passionate about learing new tech and look forward to hearing from you!

Lauren Lucero (she/her)

Software Developer
Remote, Boston

Software developer specializing in front-end engineering with a background in education and wellness. Lifelong learner and lover of humanity striving to make technology more accessible to people of all abilities and backgrounds. Colorado-born and raised, now based in Boston, MA.

Deep Rastogi (She/Her/Hers)

Product Manager
SF Bay Area and/or Remote

I have a passion for simplifying the user experience of complex technological products or software for non-technical users. I would love to work where user-needs are balanced with business-needs

Lexaprogrammer (He/They)

Web Developer

Experienced technologist with 15+ years experience in project management, documentation/technical writing, data analysis and facilitation. I love python, data and HTML. Looking for entry level front end work to ease the transition from product support to development. I've never met a task I could not tackle.

Sandra Torres (She/Hers/Hers)

Commercial Operations and Strategic Partnerships
Remote, US/Canada/Europe

Versatile business development and analytics strategy professional with breadth of expertise in scientific methods for capturing the patient experience of their disease and treatments in Biotech and BioPharma, with key business executives and stakeholders. Experienced managing projects, complex drug development programs, and closing enterprise level platform deals. High analytical capability with history of effectively developing, deploying, and validating tools and systems that capture patient-centric data, analyze and interpret outcomes, and translate the information to advance the initiatives of life science companies. Self-disciplined and team oriented, with natural leadership abilities, pursuing matrixed leadership opportunities in a dynamic, innovative, & growing team

Joe Ramirez (He/Him/His)

Web Developer

I am a freelance web designer and developer who specializes in helping small businesses and non-profit organizations establish their presence online. When it comes to working with new clients, my concerns are threefold: to make the complex simple, to empower my clients with easy-to-use websites, and to offer my full support not only during the lifespan of a project, but after the project is completed, too.

Tina Bu (She/Her/Hers)

Machine Learning Engineer

3 years of experience developing production ML solutions including recommendation engines and CV models; familiar with serving & deploying Tensorflow models on Kubernetes clusters.

Annie Pennell (She/Her/Hers)

Frontend Engineer
San Francisco Bay Area or remote

I’ve worked across the stack from design to backend, but I’m at my happiest building beautiful UIs in React. My non-traditional background in visual arts and humanities gives me a unique perspective and ability that takes my performance, and the products I work on, to the next level.

Ariana Bibiano (She/Her/Hers)

Web Developer
Bay Area or Remote

I recently completed a full stack software engineering program and I'm actively looking for full-time or part-time software engineering roles. I am passionate about web development, particularly the frontend such as building user interfaces. I'm knowledgeable on the backend since I've created and deployed functioning web applications that involved creating servers and using APIs. I am looking for a place where I can grow, learn a lot, and find a mentor that will help me solidify my skills.

Glorina Pendie (She/Her/Hers)


I have 5+ years of experience in Compliance, PM, and Risk Management. I have a Masters in Legal Studies & a Masters in Cyber Security Operations and Leadership. My Bachelors was completed in Political Science & International Relations. I'm certified CompTIA Security Analytics Professional by completing, CompTIA Security + and CompTIA CySA+. I am looking for GRC or Sr. Risk Specialist positions

Lucia Cerchie (She/Her/Hers)

Software Developer

Hi there! I’m a software engineer from Phoenix, Arizona. I enjoy knocking out solutions in JavaScript and Python. I’m tough, and I’m a problem-solver. I like putting in the work to find creative solutions under constraints. Of course, software development gives me ample opportunity to persevere and to think critically. It’s what I love about this field. I like the challenge of figuring out what causes unexpected behavior in my code.

Elizabeth Ortega (She/Her)

Data Scientist
Remote, LA, Orange County

I am a data scientist with a masters in statistics and 5+ working to find meaning from data in various industries. I work with python, R, SQL, SAS & Power BI/Tableau.

V. White (She/her/hers)

Mac Systems Engineer
Remote, West Coast, PDX

Expert Mac/Apple Systems engineer/architect

Jorge Alejandro Weiss (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
No location preference

Software Engineer specializing in Python & JS for back-end development. I've been attending the school Springboard for SWE & developing software at the professional level. My work reflects my passion for connecting people of different cultures.

Cat Carbonell (She/Her)

Frontend Engineer
Remote, San Francisco, Seattle

My expertise is speeding up your production process by tackling UI and UX design and development in one go!

Emily Bonar (She/Her)

Software Developer
Austin, Remote

I am a software developer with experience in software architecture, 3D printing, web development, and more. I'm always looking to learn new things!

Kelsei Wharton (He/Him/His)

Strategic Partnerships Development
Remote, DC, NYC, LA, SF

Kelsei is social impact strategist, creative consultant, and facilitator focused on combining the power of community and culture to shape the world. He designs partnerships that help build bridges, solve problems, and create space for cross sector transformation and impact.

Juan Luna Ramirez (He/Him/His)

Front End Developer
Remote, Los Angeles, Culver City, Santa Monica, Venice California

I am an experience JavaScript developer looking to work for a team as a front end developer. My latest development experience is working with Node and React (Next.js and Gatsby).

Michael J. Coffey (He/Him/His)

Digital Marketing Strategist
Seattle (or remote/virtual)

I have helped over 1500 small business owners as both an independent consultant and employee of an SBA-sponsored program, teaching classes and in 1-on-1 sessions. Primary topics include using data for better marketing decisions, setting up business systems, and goal setting and planning.

Nethra Gomatheswaran (She/Her/Hers)

UX Designer
No location preference

Nethra Gomatheswaran uses strategy & design to create exciting and accessible design solutions. Coming from a diverse background of engineering and design, and having worked around the globe, Nethra channels this multi-cultural perspective to focus on accessible and inclusive design.

Sequoyah Cooper (She/Her)

Data Analyst
Charlotte NC, or Remote

Driven, Data Analyst with a passion for analyzing, predicting, and condensing large datasets into a simple story-telling reality backed with trends and research.Experienced professional with a background in mathematical instruction. I possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Adept at working independently and collaborating with teams across multiple functions. With reliable data integration skills and experience with data mining, modeling, and data visualization tools, I possess the ability to disseminate significant amounts of information with attention to detail and accuracy. Extensive experience in Python, R, JavaScript, SQL databases, MongoDB, Tableau, Big Data, Excel, VBA, and Machine Learning. I am excited and open to working for a highly productive establishment in the healthcare, technology, educational, or financial industry.

Victoria Gonda (she/her/they/them)

Android Engineer

Enthusiastic about using technology to better people’s lives. Enjoys connecting with, teaching, and learning from other developers. Advocate for the joys of remote work.

Jalena Hay (She/ Her)

UX Designer

Hi my name is Jalena! I am a UX Designer + UX Researcher based in New York City. I create intuitive and accessible user experiences through research, design, iteration, and prototyping.

Vasilya Nizamova (She/Her/Hers)

Front-End Developer
Remote, NYC, DC, SF, Seattle

Hi! I'm an entry-level Full-Stack Developer, but I'm mostly skilled in front end. I'm currently specializing in building apps in React, but I'm happy to learn other tech to make the job done. I also know HTML, CSS, plain JavaScript, Ruby/Rails, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL.

James Hoffmire (He/His/Him)

Software Engineer
Large coastal city

I am a full-stack software developer, but am mostly skilled with backend and database work. My preferred language is Python, but am also good with JavaScript. I know SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript frameworks, etc. I am also good with data science and machine learning using Python.

Zu Andring (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
San Francisco Bay Area/Remote

Hi, my name is Brena! I am a software engineer with experience in building web applications utilizing Java/Spring Boot, Python/Django, and MEAN stacks. As a developer, my specialties include quickly learning new skills and programming languages, identifying and debugging issues, and collaborating with others. I am driven by continuous education, user experience, bridging the gender gap in technology, collaborative work environments, protecting our national parks, Japanese culture, and Taylor Swift.

Carol Chung (She/Her/Hers)

Front-end Engineer

Carol Chung is a Front-end Engineer who strives to balance UI functionality with aesthetics. She is currently specializing in building React apps but is happy to learn new tech to get the job done.

Yetunde Adebayo-Rogers (She/Her/Hers)

Web Developer
Remote, Houston

I’m a software engineer with a focus on web development who enjoys making the web better using best practices. I code with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node & React and I’m always looking to learn about more technologies.

Kenisha Priester (She/Her)

Data Scientist
Washington, DC Metro

I love using data to derive insights that provide meaningful value for people and/or machines to make decisions.

Stephanie Zendejo (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer

Stephanie Zendejo is a highly motivated individual with excellent intrapersonal skills. She has a broad background in software development, automation, and release management. She codes in C++/Python but loves diving deep into new frameworks.

John Fajardo (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
Remote or New York City

Software engineer with a background in journalism and social media. When I'm not writing code, I'm playing with 3d printers and DIY electronics.

Danny Ramos (He/Him)

Software Developer
Remote, No preferences

As a backend software developer I have high empathy for the people around me and for the end users of the software I build. I care a lot about high quality code and I'm currently looking for a company that will expand my knowledge as a software developer

Daria Yurova (She/Her/Hers)

Data Scientist
SF, Remote, NY

● Entry-level Data Scientist with STEM Master’s degree in Financial Analytics and 4Y+ data analytical experience in IT and finance ● Skilled in Advanced analytics, Machine Learning, Time series analysis, Data Visualization (Power BI, Tableau) ● Tools: Python (Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn)

Mia Ward (She/Her/Hers)

UX Designer
New York or Remote

UX Designer practicing user centric design process for a decade. I’ve held a variety of professional design positions in the Fashion Industry in product development and as a Fit Specialist. My focus has always revolved around how the product connects with the user/customer. Over the past 10 years I’ve worked with "direct to consumer" brands, transitioning the shopping experience from “brick & mortar” to online shopping/e-commerce.

Pepper Rueda (She/her/hers)

Product Manager
Remote or NC Triangle Area

I'm a startup founder looking to move into product management. I have a reputation for being highly organized, innovative, and friendly! My passions include accessibility and helping people turn their ideas into actionable plans.

Shani Cunningham (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
Atlanta or Remote

Originally from Roxbury ( a small urban neighborhood in Boston) but currently residing just outside of Atlanta, I am a junior software developer with a strong interest in creating innovative programs. Out of high school, I went into a Psychology program and graduated Cum Laude with an Associate of Arts. I was introduced to software development while taking Introduction to Programming, a general required course for a baccalaureate program, and was instantly intrigued. My new interest became a hobby as I drowned myself in Linkedin Learning videos/Codecademy videos and then I realized this is something I could proudly do everyday as a professional. I took a chance by applying to Per Scholas' full time immersive software engineer course in the beginning of 2020 and I have loved the experience. I have had the opportunity to not only improve what I have learned on my own but I've been introduced to new concepts that I cannot wait to utilize professionally!

Ugochi Madubata (They/Them/Theirs)

Software Engineer
Remote, No location preference

Recent graduate from a Masters of Computer Science program. Have experience coding in Java, Python, C and MySQL, though C is my favorite.

Guinevere (Guin for short) White (She/Her/Hers)

UI/UX Designer

🦄 A "unicorn," compassionate designer and business builder, I'm a ux/ui design and web development specialist with nearly 3 decades of experience in sales, marketing, and business development. I currently help organizations struggling with ways to effectively connect with people by stripping away obstacles blocking growth and inhibiting success through UX research, UI design, remote technology consulting, web development and design services. Using empathy and deep understanding, I adopt and embrace my employer's objectives which drives synergy and growth, saves resources and increases revenues. My collaborative, human-centered approach results in rewarding solutions to complex and challenging ("wicked") problems.

Jessica Poole (She/ Her/ Hers)

UX Designer
California preferred, but open

A critical thinker and solutions architect, I’m constantly considering ways to enhance the well-being of others. As a leader in Health, Tech, and Education spaces, I’ve always championed access; access to higher education for all underrepresented students. Patient access to equitable healthcare and insurance practices. User access to the tools and products that will advance their participation. Across all industries, I've passionately advocate for the needs of those most often left out of the conversation. It is my pleasure to design and develop products, and to implement strategies that maximize both user participation and product adoption.

Windy Vorwick (She/Her/Hers)

UX/UI Designer
DC or Remote

I'm a UX/UI designer with a background in costuming for stage and screen and a passion for community service based design. I have front end development experience, as well as visual development with platforms like Webflow!

Priscilla Ip (She/Her/Hers)

iOS Developer
Remote, No location preference, Willing to relocate

Hi! I am an iOS Developer based in Montréal, Canada. I have a passion for making intuitive and humane products that can empower all people to thrive in their professional and personal lives. I am driven by my curiosity and a fondness for finding creative solutions. I would love to create and grow alongside people who share my passion for learning and building beautiful and mindful products.

Jenna Elamin-Mueller (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer

I’ve worked at a variety of companies, but the common theme has been customer service. I love working on collaborative (💖 pair programming) teams who are committed to having fun while they work hard, and love to help each other learn and grow.

Amy Arambulo Negrette (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer

I am an application Engineer with 12+ years and a Certified AWS Solutions Architect Associate. I've spoken at ServerlessConf, AWS Summit, and AWS Midwest.

Laurell McCaffrey (She/Her/Hers)

Full Stack Software Engineer
New York, Remote, Willing to relocate

Full stack software engineer with experience in JavaScript/TypeScript, React/Redux and Ruby on Rails. Strong research, communication, and writing skills that support a high level of productivity and collaboration. If I’m not in front of a computer or piece of art, you can find me outside hiking, biking, or practicing yoga.

Akshitha Duddala (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
No location preference

Hi! I am Akshitha, a Software Engineer who is proficient in several programming languages including Java and Python. I’m an effective and enthusiastic learner who is constantly seeking out new opportunities to advance my career. I love to be exposed to new ideas, cultures, and concepts. I am passionate about using technology to solve business problems and make a positive impact on users' lives. I am highly motivated to work individually or join a collaborative team.

Pranav Sai Reddy Gudipally (He/Him/His)

Data Scientist
No location preference

Thorough and meticulous data science scientist working on making a meaning out of data. I'm a data analytics graduate possessing strong technical, mathematical, communication and analytical skills My skills set include: • Languages: Python,R, C++, Java • Reporting and Analytical tools: Tableau, Power BI, SAP Analytics cloud, Basic SAS, Advanced MS Excel (macros, index, conditional list, arrays, pivots, lookups) • Databases: MySQL, SQL Yog • Machine Learning Algorithms: Decision Tree, Regression and Classification, Methods & SVMs, Bayesian Learning, Deep Learning : Keras, Tensorflow • Statistical Techniques: Regression Analysis, Time Series Forecasting, Hypothesis Testing

Aditi Nanda (She/Her/Hers)

Product Manager
No location preference

Six years of experience in software development, consulting, and management of enterprise and internal products in Financial Services, Utilities, ERP, and the Hard Tech domain.

Derya Tanriverdi (She / Her)

Full Stack Software Engineer
New York, remote

I am a Full Stack Web Developer who is experienced in HTML & CSS, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, React and Redux . My goal is to create websites/apps that are competitive with the newest industry standards and as user friendly as possible. Looking from an angle of a user is my priority and I would make sure to give users the best and smoothest experience they could ask for.

Sia Mbatia (She/Her/Hers)

Data Science Analyst
No location preference & Open to relocation

I am an aspiring machine learning engineer with programming and data analysis experience; and a dual background in mathematics and creative writing. To stay sharp, I have freelanced to clean data, set up databases, and made data projects including sports, logistics automation, and language processing.

Kevin Denny II (He/Him/His)

Web/Front End Developer
Remote, Mid-West

Over the years, I have matured in my understanding of my skill sets as a developer. I am a trained computer scientist who obtained front-end web development skills in the years after this training. Much of my experience is on a senior level i.e. Agile (with Scrum Master like roles), Technical documentation, Object Oriented principles, the understanding of different types of coding languages, client-facing consulting with high profiled leaders. I have come to love front-end development (and also understanding AWS) but have found that my computer science training is only a foundation unto the entry point and not a means. My current love is dealing with ReactJS (or similar frameworks like that). I now also enjoy reading Kyle Simpson’s “You Don’t Know JS” because I continue to learn things I never knew about JavaScript that help me gain proper knowledge into best practices with JavaScript development. I am also a Microsoft Certified Professional with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript which really just means I am not scared to get down and dirty though I still see CSS as sometimes trying to walk through a dark forest with no lights.

Chris Bogues (He/Him/His)

Cloud or IT engineer
Remote or Los Angeles

Hello! I am an IT professional looking to transition into more cloud or cybersecurity roles. I have customer-facing experience so I would love to use those skills in a sales-engineering type position. I recently passed the AWS-CCP Certification and currently studying for the Security+. I am also using this time to learn Python.

Tariq Cranston (He/Him/His)

UX Designer
No location preference - Willing to relocate

Hey there! My name is Tariq Cranston and I'm a UX designer who loves to create and think outside the box. I am currently based in Washington, DC but willing to relocate.

Zach Fetters (He/Him/His)

Front-end Designer
Freelance, Remote

I am an entry-level web designer with close to 7 years of experience in HTML, CSS, and JS. I have more of a design mind, so if you're looking for a designer with a bright and minimalist vision, I can bring that vision to life!

Rabab Fatima (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
No location preference

Hi! I am a Software Engineer excited about all things tech! I am passionate about using technology to solve modern day business problems and make a positive impact in users' lives. I have been a student, an educator and pride myself in being a lifelong learner. I am a driven and hard-working engineer, and have experience working in cross-functional teams. I have worked across the stack on all 3 major platforms - web, iOS and Android. Other than my passion for engineering, I am also an artist and am currently learning how to paint perspective watercolor art. You can follow along my art journey on instagram @rababdoesart.

Lauren Etheridge (She/Her/Hers)

Web Developer

I am a web developer with expertise in open-source, higher education, and non-profit organization.

Mase Santos (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer

Full Stack Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing industry. Passionate about user-friendly solutions and responsive design. Driven by interdisciplinary creativity and cross-cultural storytelling.

Carina Crabbe (She/Her/Hers)

UX Designer
Remote, California

I am a UX designer and I primarily focus on social impact and well-being. I have a master’s and bachelor’s in information science (UX) from Cornell University, and a background in both psychology and programming. I have experience working for two health-tech startups and a dating app startup in NYC.

Sherry Duncan (She/Her/Hers)

Citrix, VMWare, Cloud, Cyber Security, TAM, Program Manager, Technical Project Lead
Remote, California, Arizona

Highly accomplished, motivated, with over fifteen years of proven track record in the Information Technology Industry. Capable of leading new and existing projects while promoting services and offerings to potential customer. Experiences across different industries including healthcare, manufacturing and financial services. Exceptional team player who engages Delivery Managers and other Project Managers to ensure successful operational results. Excellent leadership, communication, technical and project management.

Bethany Eastman (She/Her/Hers)

Software Developer
Seattle or Remote

Developer with diverse development experience from web and mobile apps, to Virtual Reality. The main focus of my experience has been React/React Native. I enjoy building cross-platform apps with user experience in mind.

Blake Summers

Systems Engineer
Atlanta, GA

Information Technology professional with strengths in systems administration, systems engineering, systems integration and support of Windows and Linux servers. Possess strong expertise in analyzing, troubleshooting, and resolving complex technical issues, and developing, creating, and scripting code. Passionate about providing end users with high availability and scalable systems to improve overall IT infrastructure. Excels in client service and written and verbal communication.

Cibelle Montor (She/Her/Hers)

Full Stack Developer
No location preference

Hello there! I'm Cibelle and I'm Full-Stack Web Developer with a background in Social Sciences and Customer Service who has successfully thrived in different industries due to my results-oriented work ethic and ability to build strong relationships. I'm skilled in the MERN stack and enthusiastic to learn new technologies to advance my career. I am very motivated to thrive in the tech industry and I can't wait to join a collaborative team of smart and hard-working people. I’m an effective learner who is constantly seeking out new opportunities to grow and I love to be exposed to new ideas, cultures, and concepts.

Tiffany Sanchez (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
New York, or Remote

Junior Software Engineer with experience contributing to design, development and optimization. Bring a solid understanding of the tools and technologies I have worked with, and a drive to continue growing daily as an engineer by pushing myself to learn new programming languages, technologies, and development tools. Comfortable switching between architecture, design, and implementation. Comfortable working in teams or in a self-directed environment.

Israel A Scott Grogin (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
No Location Preference, Willing To Relocate

I graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and I’m deeply curious about how things work. I pursue challenging work that gives me the opportunity to learn new techniques and technologies. In my free time, I enjoy learning about mathematics and seeing how I can creatively apply my learnings to software development.

Benjamin Kinga (He/Him)

JavaScript Developer
Remote, or DC/NYC/LA/SF

I'm a JavaScript Developer, focused primarily on front-end applications. I have built projects with React, Node.JS, AWS (Lambda and RDS) and Netlify. My passion lies in solving tough problems in order to utilize technology for the greater good.

Shannon Callahan (He/Him/His)

Frontend Developer
Denver/Boulder, CO/Remote

I am actively looking for new opportunities within the web development industry. My journey into the web development field has been a really enriching experience and continue to do so. I want to mention that I have several projects that already using various programming. For example, I did use React/RESTful/JWT for my app that helps breakdown writer's blocks, Node.js/RESTful/JWT for a forum for new parents, API/jQuery/RESTful for Cannabis Directory, and Javascript for my small but fun manga knowledge quiz. Of course, all of them have HTML and CSS. Who would do without those two!?! As you can see, none of my projects are simply a normal idea at all. I am trying to create something interesting and unique because it required to be innovative and open-mind to challenges. I am motivating to find an entry-level Frontend Developer with a long term goal to become a Full Stack Developer.

Brian Medrano (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
Los Angeles or Remote

Highly motivated software engineer with professional experience in the audio/visual industry seeking to apply 4 years of problem solving skills to a software engineering position. I build web applications using the MERN stack and am actively learning new skill sets. I have a passion for backend development and am comfortable programming in Java.

Gianfranco Mileo (He/Him/His)

Project Manager
Remote, Bay Area

Enterprise Implementation Team Manager / Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Tech industry.

Elspeth Stalter-Clouse (She/Her/Hers)

Web Developer
No location preference

Hello! I'm Elspeth: front-end developer, lifelong learner, and wearer of many (hand-knitted) hats. Formerly a professional orchestral violinist, I recently received an associate's degree in Web Development, where I learned to love the manifold complexities of front-end work. I am currently finishing up a front-end engineering internship at Propeller Health in Madison, WI, where I am getting to witness first-hand how tech can change the world in remarkable ways. I may just be starting out on this particular career path, but my relentless drive, love of collaborating with others, and affinity for being required to think outside the box in fast-paced work environments are well-worn facets of my identity. My forte is front-end development, but I'm equally intrigued by back-end work. I love thinking about thinking, and I'm happiest when I'm solving problems and expanding my horizons.

Jeremy Hunt (He/Him/His)

Product Manager

I've been told I'm a great thought partner. I enjoy helping creative entrepreneurs elevate their products and services through ideation and strategy. I'm at the entry-level of the industry, yet a fast learner. I love collaboration and design thinking. I'm a mix-match socks connoisseur.

Olexandra Prodan (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
San Francisco or Remote

Hi, I am Sasha! I am a software engineer who has many years of experience with designing and building web applications. I am proficient in several programming languages including Ruby and JavaScript. My practical experience includes working with Ruby, Go, Node.js, SQL, MongoDB, Redis, Apache Kafka, Docker. I love to work with distributed systems and am always eager to learn. Currently, I am looking for my new opportunity.

Morgan Lucas

Tech blogger

Turning tech twaddle into something for the masses. Analyzing UXes, Testing Consumer Electronics, Using Cisco and Azure. Writing about it all.

Nuri Park (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
New York, Remote

I'm a software engineer with a background in business intelligence and financial services. I recently graduated from the Grace Hopper program where I got to work with a group of talented female coders and build full stack applications. I'm continuing to work on my technical skills, and I hope to join a company where I can grow as an engineer. I'm driven by collaboration, compassion, and my desire to explore creative ideas. Some of the issues that I care about are diversity, sustainability, and animal rights.

Cayte Burdick (She/Her/Hers)

UX Designer

I have over 12 years of experience in UI and visual design. I have done both freelance and in-house work. I am eager to find the best design solutions for users in the products I design.

Rachel Braun (She/Her/Hers)

UX Designer
New York, NY

I am a designer with an animation/graphic design background looking to break into user experience. During my career as a designer, I realized I didn't only want to make things that look good, but also make more impactful designs and solve bigger problems. I have a certificate in UX design from Springboard and a BFA in animation from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Bibi Tanjasiri (She/Her/Hers)

Product Designer
No location preference

Bibi is a product designer with a background in visual design and art direction. She is specialized in food and media industries and has been working both as a freelancer or in a fast-paced agency environment.

Shayne Sebro (He/Him/His)

Web Developer
NYC, Atlanta, San Francisco, Remote

I’m Shayne Sebro a creative, collaborative, and thoughtful software engineer with a diverse range of experiences that have taught me to combine strong aesthetic vision with the practical application of technology stacks to create apps that are scalable, efficient, and visually stimulating. As a lifetime learner I look forward broadening my skill sets with each project I take on and always remain open to new challenges.

Vonn Johnson (He/Him/His)

Data Scientist

With a background in Finance and Compliance, I bring an analytical, thorough, and personable approach to my work in the Data industry. As a Data Scientist, I aim to discover insights in large datasets and breakdown the impact to the business into digestible next steps communicated succinctly to cross-functional teams.

Aaron Haughton (He/Him)

iOS Developer
Remote, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas

Lambda School iOS Development student with two years of self taught experience. Currently have two apps in the App store. 15 years of previous experience in Help desk.

Hessah Aljiran (She/Her/Hers)

UI/UX Designer
San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Remote

I’m a business oriented and end to end Product Designer with a background in visual design, and over 8 years work experience in business Management and digital marketing. I love creating holistic digital experiences with both design thinking and critical thinking. My focus is on human-centered design, strategy, and process automation and optimization.

Shraddha Shaligram (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
Open to relocation

I am a MS CS student at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. CPP is my native language, English is a close second. I'm also good at talking to React. As a part of my Github's MLH fellowship, I am actively contributing to an open source project - n8n.io this summer. When I'm not in the classroom, I'm either networking with my mentors from the 'GitHub's MLH Fellowship' and 'Women of Rewriting the Code' Program to expand my circle of industry professionals, attending Hackathons to “hack” pressing issues in our communities, or advocating for equitable tech education. I am looking for software engineering opportunities starting May 2021.

Andrew Johnson (He/Him/His)

Front End Engineer
San Francisco, Remote

I'm a Frontend Engineer with Full-Stack experience in these technologies: JavaScript, React, Redux, Angular, Vue, Jest, HTML/CSS, Typescript, Node, Express, and PostgreSQL. I learn quickly and embrace all forms of collaboration. I always think about the end-user and build durable, intuitive, and well-tested applications and now I hope to find a place where this kind of work and effort is baked into the philosophy of the company.

Martín Paredes (He/Him/His)

Front-End Developer
Remote, LA

I possess a vast knowledge of web technologies and what involves designing and developing web products. I've been working as a front-end engineer for about 6+ years. I have previously worked for 6+ years, leading a design team in an innovative area for a newspaper. I also have experience making design systems, products, and tools across various industries, including e-commerce, social media, ad-tech, news media, and marketing.

Michelle De Vore (She/Her/Hers)

Cyber Security
Remote, New Orleans

I am a student finishing up an associate's in Computer Information Technology- Information Security. I am looking for Entry-level or internships for now.

Erving Marure Sosa (He/Him/His)

Software Developer
No location preference

Currently a senior at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas working to get my Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science. Founded and developed Hispanics Who Code, to assist fellow students. Strengths are devoting and being passionate about my work. I am experienced in C++, with some basic knowledge in JavaScript and Python. My main interest is full-stack software development.

Elyse Y. Robinson (She)

Cloud Architect
No location preference

ITIL, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect with extensive hands on experience working with the cloud. Strong analytical and project management skills with a proven ability to lead and mentor a team. Created a self hosted podcast utilizing Amazon S3 and WordPress Blurry PowerPress. Utilized Amazon Simple Email Service and Sendy to create a self hosted newsletter.

Varun Varma (He/Him/His)

Data Analytics
No location preference

I am a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati studying Masters in Business Analytics. I am very passionate about data analytics and data science so that I can transform the raw data into meaningful insights to make better business decisions. I have worked in the E-commerce retail industry in the past with expertise in Predictive Analytics, Inventory Planning, Operations Management, Market Research, Vendor Management, Advertising, and Promotions Strategy. I am interested in this opportunity where I can use my practical experience along with the latest skill sets that I have gained in my graduate program to make better business decisions. I am well versed in analytical software like R, Python, MS SQL, Excel, and Tableau, the important tools one uses for data wrangling, model building, and visualization.

Solana Liu (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
California, but open

Software Engineer with Web Development, Data Analyst, and Neuroscience Background

Jessica Weber (She/Her/Hers)

Web Developer

I am passionate about mental health advocacy, and providing assistance for single parents, and foster children. As a front end developer focused on customized CMS development I have worked with not-for-profit organizations, health care and higher education institutions, luxury boutiques, and by/for women businesses. I’m am searching for opportunities to grow my skills and learn something new.

Nic Harrington (He/Him/His)

Remote, Austin, Seattle

I am currently working towards an Associates Degree in Computer Science and refining my IT skillset towards development and design with a focus on learning C# and Unity. With 7 years of IT experience, I am shifting my skillset towards UI/UX and game design, by discovering my interest in the arts during volunteering with local theaters. As an Air Force veteran, I am looking forward to a new industry where I will bring positive collaboration, sharp focus, and innovation towards the mission.

Queen Joseph (she)

Customer Success Manager

I'm a senior customer success professional with five years of B2B SaaS and startup experience. I've achieved account growth and 100% net retention with a portfolio of small, mid-market, and enterprise customers. I've also developed customer success operations for several startups that helped drive growth, streamlined processes, and organized teams. After many years of contract and consulting work, I'm looking for a full-time remote senior-level customer success role. If your team could use some help keeping customers happy and successful or building streamlined customer success operations, I'd love to help.

Dr. Rochelle Newton (She/Her/Hers)

Senior Director, IT

IT professional with more than 40 years of IT experience as an advocate, coach, and leader

Brena Andring (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
San Francisco Bay Area, Remote

Hi, my name is Brena! I am a software engineer with experience in building web applications utilizing Java/Spring Boot, Python/Django, and MEAN stacks. As a developer, my specialties include quickly learning new skills and programming languages, identifying and debugging issues, and collaborating with others. I am driven by continuous education, user experience, bridging the gender gap in technology, collaborative work environments, protecting our national parks, Japanese culture, and Taylor Swift.

Joe Pirtle Jr (He/Him)

Front End Developer
Remote, West/East Coast

My name is Joe, and I am a Front End Developer based from Atlanta. My previous background was in education, and wanted to transition into Web Development.

Felipe Bohorquez

Frontend Engineer / Full Stack Engineer
DC, Remote, No location preference

I am a passionate software engineer and social entrepreneur. As a software engineer with a focus on React, Node.js and JavaScript, I've built a robust portfolio including a professional coffee cupping app. I've also built custom library projects in other languages such as Ruby that have been used widely by the developer community. As a social entrepreneur I have co-launched different projects in areas such as health (MomBox), sustainability (PowerToThePeople), specialty food through art (ArtesanoSpirit) and performing arts. Many of such ventures have been awarded in business competitions.

Reynerio Sarmiento (He/him)

Web Developer
Boston, MA

My name is Reynerio Sarmiento and I am a recent Computer Science graduate from Umass Boston. I am extremely interested in any web development position or software development position. I love working in teams, can adapt quickly to new environments, and love learning new technologies. As of right now I am learning React.js, because I want to learn a modern framework, that makes it easier to create a web application. My goal for the future is to become a Full Stack Engineer where I can handle both sides of an application with confidence.

Rebecca Skye Lawrence (She/her)

DMV Region or Remote

I’m an IT professional with 18+ years of experience in the field (15 in federal contracting), with a focus on systems automation/integration, process analysis, and customer service/stakeholder communication. I enjoy solving puzzles, learning new things, and helping people.

Prachi Soumya Garg (She, Her)

Product Designer, UX Designer
New York, Remote

Hi, I'm a UX/ Product Designer with 6+ years of experience in the E-commerce and Fashion industry. End to end interdisciplinary design generalist and a people person. I thrive at the intersection of design and strategy; to improve people's everyday lives. Available for full-time opportunities.

Priyanka Shah (She/Her)

Software Engineer
SF / Seattle / Remote

I am fun loving , self starter developing. Curious to apply code to problems which affect as as humans and the way we communicate. I have a healthcare background which makes me detail oriented and gives me different perspective to bring to the table while solving a problem

Nick Gupta (He, his, him)

Software Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer
San Francisco, CA

Recent Columbia University graduate looking for an entry level software development or machine learning position, who is willing to work hard and learn new skills.

Monwen Shen (He)

Software Engineer
California, Remote

I am a software engineer who is passionate about applying and creating computer technologies. With the mechanical engineer background, I decided to switch my career to software engineering. So I went to UC Merced to obtain my master degree in electrical and computer engineering. I studied robotic, machine learning, computer vision and computer animation while I was studying in UC Merced. I also learned C++ and python for various projects I did in Merced. After graduation, I am interested in creating business websites so I went on and learned html, css, and javascript. AS right now I am in the process of creating my family business website as one of my personal projects.

Stephanie Solis

Project Manager/Scrum Master

6 years of experience leading software development projects and programs. 4 years of experience managing portfolios and aligning team priorities with organizational goals. Bachelor's degree from UC Riverside in Management Information Systems. Certified Scrum Master. Actively working on Project Management Professional Certification.

Adeniyi Sonoiki

UX Designer, Product Designer

I strive to improve lives by designing usable digital products that solve real world problems and enhance the human experience. I'm passionate about creating groundbreaking design solutions for cutting-edge technologies, thinking across disciplines and collaborating with teams and individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets. My specialties include: User experience design, Visual design, User research, Interaction design, User interface design, Prototyping, User testing, Collaboration, Strategic thinking and Problem solving.

Candis Anderson (she/her)

Data Scientist
Seattle, Remote, LA area; open to relocation worldwide

18 years' business experience, transitioning into data science/analytics; finance/accounting background; MS in CS

Sudha Kumar (she/her/hers)

Data Engineer or Analyst / Software Engineer
Remote, San Diego, CA

I am a Software Engineer who has worked with Software Design and Development, Data Engineering and Computer Vision. I have been involved with full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in New Product Development with Customer Collaboration. I have also worked with Continuous Product Improvement (sustaining engineering) activities. I am a fast learner that can easily learn and implement new technologies. Using Python, Pandas, SQL, Apache Spark, Hive, OOAD.

Huda Malik (She/Her)

UX Designer
No location preference

Huda is a multilingual, first generation Pakistani-American UX designer. Her diverse background brings an intersection of unique perspectives to her work, and personal life. She loves that UX design has the ability to empower, enhance, and create a healthier future for all others, including those who have diverse, intersecting backgrounds - similar to herself. Huda also loves to eat donuts, travel to warm places, find neat new tunes to listen to, and spend time with her niblings.

Corey Julian Davis (He/Him)

Senior Data Analyst
Portland, Remote

My background is diverse with experiences in Financial Services, Marketing, Healthcare, and Insurance. I'm equally versed in a highly-technical skill set while still being able to have a clear conversation translating insights for a client, C-suite executive, or colleague.

Christopher Watkin (He/him)

Web Developer / Programmer
Remote, Charlotte NC area, Seattle WA area. Open to other locations

I am a Deaf individual who enjoys learning and working with code/programming. I first got into IT learning COBOL, JCL, DB2 (and SQL) and eventually working as a Mainframe QA Tester. I enjoyed that role as I am a curious person along with being meticuloustly detail oriented! I'm aiming to get back into IT as a Front End Dev (entry level) , entry level COBOL programmer or QA Tester (automation or Mainframe). I'm comfortable with HTML, CSS, React, Ruby on Rails, javascript (and COBOL ;) ). I'm eager to learn as much as I can and I'm hoping to dip my toe into Python soon!

Malcolm Evans (he/him/his)

Product Manager
New York, NY; Remote

I'm a trained artist that has worked across the education technology, nonprofit (arts and education), and hospitality sectors, building user-centered products, processes, and experiences.

Kenny Marks (He/Him)

Software Engineer
New York, Remote, Open to relocating

Full-stack web developer experienced in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, and Redux. Discovered a love of programming while completing graduate school studies in International Cybersecurity at New York University. Seeking to build exciting yet secure applications for both consumers and businesses use.

Mahima Gupta (She/Her)

Entry Level/New Grad - Software Engineer/Data Scientist
Prefer California- Bay area but open to relocation

I am a recent graduate from University of Southern California with Master’s in Computer Science. I am actively looking for full-time opportunities in SWE as well as Data Science/Analytics. I took up courses like Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval. A few years ago, I was introduced to the world of Data Science and analytics through one of my internships. I’m passionate about data science and software engineering.I wish to work at the intersection of technology and social good, and hope to use code as a tool to improve the world.

Stella Lee (She/Her/Hers)

UX/UI Designer
Los Angeles/Orange County, CA

I'm a UX/UI designer with some basic front-end knowledge (namely HTML & CSS). I'm currently volunteering with two nonprofits, HackforLA and B-STEM Project, but am looking for an internship/entry-level position!

Jaylon Martin (He/They)

Software Developer
North Carolina/Remote

Full-Stack Developer with a demonstrated history of working on media projects. Skilled in Audio Editing, Full-Stack Development, Video Editing, and Web Development. Strong media and communication.

Andy Lin (He/Him)


I am a visual designer and illustrator with a product design background. My design process prioritizes in a user-focused approach to creating illustrations, using visuals to facilitate effective communication between clients and viewers.

Alison Quaglia (she/her)

Front End Developer + Designer
Remote, west coast USA or international

A versatile professional w/ 10 yrs experience in various creative industries. Passionate about front-end + UX. Skilled at combining visuals, empathy, attention to detail, adaptability + creative problem solving to bring products + experiences to life that create positive impact + bring joy to users.

Kiyana Cherry (she/her)

UX Designer
Dallas, TX, Remote

UX designer with a graphic design background, who's always ready to jump into a project. Has experience with wireframing, prototyping, conducting interviews, user research, usability testing, and designing accessible user experiences.

Michelle K. Godfrey

Marketing Director
No location preference

I am a sr. marketing leader, experienced in driving organic website growth for industry-leading tech companies and delivering promotional marketing programs for large-scale consumer companies. I’m also a trusted organizer, who has a strong record of empowering teams to deliver operational and creative excellence.

Zane Ervin (He/Him)

Software Engineer
Los Angeles, Remote

I am a software developer with 2+ years of experience in web development. I have experience doing frontend, backend, and full stack work. The technologies that I am experience d with include JavaScript, java, python, React, Vue, Node.js and Angular. If those are not the skills, you are looking for I have the ability and passion to learn any technology that is needed.

Leonardo Medina (He/Him)

Software Engineer
No location preference

I am a software engineer with experience managing corporate clients at tech companies. Before starting a full-stack software development boot camp, I worked with teams to develop and implement user-facing applications and marketing campaigns.

Sheila Jagla (she/her)

Software Engineer

I am an enthusiastic and driven full-stack developer with 13 years of experience in online higher education and design. I am proficient in JavaScript, React, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Firebase, HTML, CSS and am interested in software development, SaaS, documentation, and generally making information usable. I am pursuing meaningful work in an environment that values learning, growth, and making an impact.

Denise Nadal (she/her)

Product Designer
Remote open to relocation

I'm passionate about creating beautiful, delightful, and functional experiences that are accessible to anyone.

Denis Woldemariam (He/Him)

Software Engineer
Remote, Minneapolis

Experienced Software Developer with extensive background in various coding languages, working in remote online settings in a collaborative manner using Zoom, Slack, Google hangouts and Github live share and developing websites from the ground up.Find satisfaction in building amazingly designed responsive website that is user friendly, which optimizes user experience and increases accessibility. Websites that improve the lives of those who use it while achieving business goals in a cost-effective and sustainable way. Specialize in javaScript, React, Node.js and SQL. Professional strengths include written and verbal communication, adaptability, teamwork and time management.

Iqra Shaikh (she/her)

Software Engineer
No location preference

I am recent MS in Computer Engineering graduate from New York University. I have experience in full stack development. I am passionate about representation of minority in tech.

Montique Stevens (He/Him)

UI Designer
NYC, Remote

I am a web developer and user interface designer that's passionate about creating projects that are accessible to everyone and showcases my skills. My areas of focus are information design, frontend development, usability testing, and user research. I am highly proficient in HTML, CSS, SASS, and experience with JavaScript and Python.

Frank Luis Ravelo (He/Him)

Software Engineer
Massachusetts or Remote

Full-stack Software Engineer valued for driving quality and consistency throughout all phases of software development and product lifecycle to produce high-quality, user-friendly, scalable, and bug-free software

Dominic Morgan (He/Him/His)

Product Manager
New York

My technical expertise and strategic management experience have allowed me to lead the product development for both internal and external clients. I am passionate about driving decision making through data analytics and analysis to provide unique insights. I have found success developing analytic solutions around advertising and search engine marketing with data visualizations. My experience has allowed me to support development teams with clearly understanding client requirements and potential solution designs. With a technical background, I can jump in and provide support to developers and designers to work through issues. I earned a Data Science Professional certificate from Harvard X University which has allowed me to deepen my knowledge and skillset for developing go-to-market strategies for organizations. In college I started a textbook buying program to compete against University bookstores. It started at my university my freshman year and expanded to across the US as our pricing arbitrage algorithm improved. I have helped a social impact incubator establish is entrepreneur footprint in Bosnia to help grow the startup community in the country and neighboring countries. To reduce food waste and maximize quality food growth, I worked with a known chef to develop a rooftop farming cooperative that would provide produce to area kitchens and food pantries. Last summer I spent two weeks bikepacking across small towns in Northern Spain and Southern France.

William VanHook

Web Developer
No location preference

Front end web developer seeking to utilize analytical and communication skills with acquired full-stack web developer technical skills to fulfill passion as a front-end developer professional.