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Payden Dyer (he/him)

Frontend Developer/ Web Developer
Remote; No preference

I have experience building responsive websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I am a certified Node.js Developer and am skilled in Git, Wordpress, Adobe Cloud and GSuite.

Ross Wendt (He/Him)

Machine Learning Engineer

As a schizophrenic, I have rebuilt myself twice. Once in 2007, and again in 2011 during undergrad. During that time, I graduated high school, earned a BS and MS in comp sci, wrote music and poems, and worked a bit. Throughout this period, I helped both my parents run self-employed businesses. I also saw TaleWorlds Entertainment grow an international footprint through my work as a volunteer community moderator.

Paul Madojutimi (He/Him)

Software project manager / Support engineer
Worldwide remote

I am a very motivated and driven individual looking for software project management and support engineer opportunities in the consumer electronics and privacy sector. I am open to worldwide remote roles or relocation to California, Texas, continental Europe and more. I have 6 years experience in delivering exceptional customer service and resolving complex technical issues. For the last 3 years I have been doing this at the world's first ever 3 trillion dollar company Apple. I balance software and hardware related issue resolution with educating our customers across the 1.65 billion Apple devices in active use. I also have prior technical experience at Google. I also have experience managing multiple cross-functional and international projects as a freelancer on sites like Testbirds and Upwork. In addition to this I have developed project experience working as a Operations manager role with a global music label called Souletiquette and as a project coordinator at a non-profit called the Irish Tech Society. I am an expert operator in the customer support sphere with a deep passion for creating fantastic experiences for customers and delivering innovative solutions for stakeholders worldwide. I am always available for an interview and I would be happy to take one to see how I can meet your hiring needs.

Samantha Badeau (She/Her/They/Them)

Software Engineer, Full-Stack Developer, Support Engineer, or QA
Remote/Hybrid, NYC, Boston, Pennsylvania

I am a early-career Software developer seeking opportunities for growth in the areas of Support Engineer, Front-end Development, and overall Software Engineering. I have dipped my hand in personal projects involving front-end and back-end development, always seeking opportunities to learn and challenge myself. I am receptive to learning new technological stacks that gets the job done.

Emmanuel Kipkemoi (He/Him)

Software Engineer

An enthusiast of technology with core competence in Typescript, Javascript, React, Express, Node and Django. I architect, design, develop and build unit tests for scalable web applications from start to deployment using these languages and a super set of other skills I have honed over the course of my software engineering career such as git, css3, html5, figma, firebase cloud functions and firestore, nosql db and sql ones’, designing and creating REST api’s, progressive web apps and much more. I am greatly skilled in docker and AWS (ECS and Fargate) for deploying scalable containerised web applications. I believe the greatest success to any products is usually driven by the end users, and for the same reason I use a customer first approach when designing and implementing these systems.

Laura Langdon (She/Her)

Technical Writer

I’m a Technical Writer specializing in data science and ethics, and a mathematics lecturer at Cal State University East Bay.


Software Engineer
No location preference

A self-directed and motivated software engineer who works effectively in a dynamic environment. Highly motivated and eager to learn and master new technologies. Successful working in both team and self-directed settings. Confident communicator, strategic thinker, and innovative creator to develop software that is customized to meet a company’s organizational needs, highlight their core competencies, and further their success.

Ifeoluwa Akinremi-Wade (she/her)

Software Engineer
Remote, Atlanta, GA

Hello, my name is Ifeoluwa. I am an entry-level software engineer with a growing love for frontend development. I am interested in implementing my skills within a collaborative engineering team and to further scale a company's technological impact. My background in Psychology combined with my tech skills will aid a company in the matters of communication, research, problem solving, and numeracy. My acquired skills have proven to increase team productivity and product sales by 80% for my previous employer.

Seher Ugurcuklu (She/Her)

Data Scientist

As a data scientist I worked in an NLP (named entity recognition) project using SpaCy and a binary classification project using Keras deep learning library. In addition, I did web scraping, data quality management, unit & integration testing. My technical stack is Python (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, Scikit-learn, NLTK, SpaCy, Keras), SQL, Docker, Git. I have a detail oriented mind, I am autonomous and team player.

Deepika Mohanty (She/Her)

User Experience Designer
Remote, Chicago

I am a UX Researcher/UX Designer with 4+ years of relevant work experience in the field of research and Design. In my past projects, I both led the team and design experiences through research to bring forth products that are engaging, intuitive, and informative to our users. My background is in Genetics. I have been working as a UX consultant and more recently UX contractor with an early stage start start-up company, where I was leading the team on research and usability testing as well as building out wireframe and hi-fidelity prototypes on Figma. Please feel free to connect with me over LinkedIn and check out my most recent UX work - https://deepikamohanty.com. Let's work together and deliver for our users.

Caleb Smith (He/him)

Software Engineer
No location preference

Full-Stack software developer in pursuit of my next opportunity, I am always looking to learn and grow my skill set. I have experience in JavaScript, React.Js, Node.Js, Ruby on Rails as well as core Computer Science fundamentals.

Julia Kinday (She/Her)

Data Analyst
Malmö or Remote

Former emergency physician carving my path into the Data Science. I recently finished Udacity Nanodegree program on Data Analysis and looking forward to combine my medical knowledge and acquired data analysis skills.

Sari Stissi (She/They)

Software Engineer/Web Developer
No location preference, Remote, DC, Las Vegas, Philadelphia

I'm a passionate person focused on using my skills to help people live better lives and create a society that focuses on helping people first over anything else. I've done extensive research on tech accessibility and make sure to use it in everything I make and that everything I use is accessible. My unique skills and experiences make me a great adaptive member of any team! Over the past couple of years I've gained a plethora of skills including web development, application development, game development, server hosting, and game development. I am the most experienced in web and application development. I've created several custom websites for clients and helped them host and maintain them. I've created multiple database applications for different uses based on the use case of each specific client. I even have experience handling clients and their projects, performing QA, and helping clients with technical support. Because of my past experience, I am a fast learner and can pickup any new software or programming language fairly quickly. I am also very adept at being able to communicate with multiple types of people. Being a neurodivergent, biracial member of the LGBTQ community from an immigrant family, I understand that everyone thinks, learns, and understands in a unique way. I've needed to quickly assess a person's way of understanding and explain things in a way that clicks for them so that I could translate for my parents, help fellow students in class, or provide technical support for clients with different technical experiences.

Anna Kapuścińska (she/her)

Senior Software/Site Reliability Engineer
London or remote

Hi! I'm a backend/site reliability engineer with a very wide experience - probably unusually wide. My previous roles included: developer (Python, Go, occasionally other languages), architect, team lead, SRE with focus on observability (instrumentation and platform), SRE building cloud infrastructure. I was working in an agency delivering clients' projects, in a public healthcare sector, in a fintech providing software to banks (both as a vendor and SaaS), in an end-user SaaS company and a hosting provider.

Natalie Mazzie (She/Her/Ella)

Project/Program Manager
Remote, Hybrid - Seattle, WA

My name is Natalie Mazzie, a Latina living in Seattle, WA. I'm a Program Manager by trade with a passion for Learning and Development and spend my free time volunteering in my community to uplift and diversify the tech world. I have a proven track record of creating and growing an inclusive, diverse and equitable employee resource group at my previous company and look forward to contributing to yours.

Megan Burkham (She/Her)

Entry-Level/Junior Product/UX Designer
Austin, TX, Remote

I'm an entry-level Product/UX Designer based in Austin, TX. With a background in visual merchandising, I’m uniquely positioned to use my 12+ years of creating customer-focused experiences to challenge the status quo and diligently advocate for the user across multiple modalities and interfaces…from desktop and mobile touchpoints to physical in-store experiences.

Desmond Vehar

Backend Software Engineer
San Diego, Remote

I'm an experienced Software Engineer that loves making an impact and helping others. I've had a breadth of experiences including Backend and Frontend development, and enjoy working with new technologies. I also have a passion for and a proven track record of shaping company culture and developing more equitable hiring practices.

Randall Hollimon Jr

Project Manager
No Location Preference, Remote

I am an entry level project manager/scrum master ready to join team where I can grow and help others do the same. With my background as an account manager/program manager, team lead, and quality assurance, I am happiest when I am being a servant leader helping others/companies achieve their interesting goals.

Nell Hardcastle (She/Her)

Software Engineer
Remote or Portland, OR

Software engineer with an interest in web applications, open source software and Linux, and a bit of everything else. My career started in devops roles and lately has been a mix of technical leadership and full stack web application development.

Mallory Baskin (She/Her)

Web Developer Intern,

Country girl with a love of tech. 8 years in IT helpdesk roles and a degree in Computer Information Systems. Proud of my written communication skills and problem solving ability.

Tabitha O'Melay (She/Her)

Software Engineer
Remote, SF

I’m an enthusiastic new developer ready to join a team where I can grow and help others do the same. With my background as an educator, facilitator, and group leader, I am happiest when I am helping others achieve interesting goals.

Jordan Falcon (He/Him)

Front End Developer, Software Engineer, Web Developer
No Location Preference / Remote

I'm a mid-level software engineer located in North Dakota looking for my next opportunity in front end development. I possess strong javascript skills. I have experience working with React, Gatsby, and Node. Also have experience with python and java. Would love to talk more about my professional past. Also wouldn't mind trading music recommendations or talking basketball 🥳

Amanda Shafack (She/Her)

Software Engineer, Intern

Self-directed Software Engineer who is highly passionate about solving problems using technology and building tech communities. Skilled in building software applications using Dart, Flutter, C, GTK and SQL. Opensource contributor at the GNOME foundation and carries out experiments with other Opensource projects. Contributed to the growth of a thriving female tech community of over 200 women during my term as a Women Techmakers Ambassador and a Google Developer Co-organizer.

Lauren Libretti (she/her)

front-end software engineer, web developer

Entry-level Software developer seeking opportunities for growth in the areas of Support Engineer, and Front-end Development. Experienced designer and project manager from the theater world looking to transition to tech space.

Daniel Wainaina (He/Him)

Data Analyst, Sales/ Account Executive, Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, Operations PM
Dublin, Ireland, Nairobi, Kenya, Remote

Analytical by nature, with high interests in any field that involves deep relationship with numbers. Having a background in Statistics and Accounting, with vast experience in Sales Operations, Supply and Operations Management in the Oil and Gas industry, at the middle level and management. I am a holder of Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics with Computing, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA – K) and registered with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPAK). I’m experienced in supply chain, logistics and operations in the Oil & Gas industry. In my previous role at Sahara Energy, I was involved in collaborating with external clients, excelled in customer support, operations, and sales with great interpersonal skills Additionally, I have experience in supply chain process, strategic planning, reporting, compliance, budgets, and completing detailed financial analysis . Currently, I'm the sales, marketing and operations manager at E3 energy Limited, managing sales and marketing activities, managing customers and crunching numbers to understand how the company is performing. More to that, I take lead in sourcing for more business opportunities for the company. I have succeeded in helping organizations build relationships with the customers, have efficient supply chain process, budget on finances through proper planning and maintaining financial discipline. In addition to that, I am analytical by nature, self-motivated, and a team player. I’m confident that I will bring value to any organization through commitment, dedication, and professionalism.

Samantha Sara Badeau (She/Her , They/Them)

Software Engineer, Web Developer, Support Engineer
New York City Metro Area(Or close to it)

Entry-level Software developer seeking opportunities for growth in the areas of Support Engineer, Front-end Development, and overall Software Engineering.

Alao David I. (He/Him)

Data Science Intern

Hi, my name is Alao David, a Python Developer with a key interest in Data Science as a concept for problem solving. I have relevant skill sets in Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Machine Learning Engineering, MySQL, Tableau, and Spreadsheet Analysis.

Shumon Chattopadhyay (He/Him)

Software Developer
Remote, located in Pacific time zone

Data manager. Application developer. Documentarian. My expertise is in collecting and managing data for observational clinical trials, but my interests are in creating web interfaces and improving user experience for clinical trial field staff and analysts. I also love creating documentation that enables others to better utilize processes and products!

Natacha Umutoni (She/Her)

Communications specialist
Remote, no location preference

I am a resourceful project manager with 12 years working in telecommunications and the tech industry, with expertise in communications, business development, capacity building and managing projects. I am passionate about digital rights and women's digital inclusion.

Sagar Barapatre (He/Him)

Software Engineering Intern
Remote, No location preference

Hi, I am Sagar. I am a pre-final year undergrad at the International Institute of Information Technology, Bhubaneswar majoring in Computer Science. In the recent past, I worked as a Full Stack Developer at an early stage startup named Hoick where I was responsible for the frontend as well as backend portion on the official website of the company. And while I really enjoyed the work I did there, and I am looking forward to digging in much deeper, which is why I am super excited about this opportunity. My Tech Stacks include C++, Java, Javascript, jQuery, C, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4.0, Git and Version Control, Ajax, Skills Node.js, REST API, MongoDB, mongoose, REACT.JS. As a software developer, I’m passionate about creating truly beautiful, efficient digital products to make people’s experience with technology memorable. At last, my hobbies and interests include watching web shows, playing cricket, and listening to music. Blog website - https://dev.to/sagarbarapatre Stack Overflow profile - https://stackoverflow.com/users/13044870/sagar

Sosha Ribeiro (She/ Her)

Buyer / Procurement Manager
No location preference, open to all opportunities

Highly organized and innovative contract buyer with 5+ years of experience identifying opportunities for improved inventory management and reducing purchase budgets to increase revenue. Passionate about customer service and delivering superior products in a timely manner.

Kendra Witter (She/Her)

Account Executive
Remote, Miami, Atl, New York, LA,

Kendra is a results-driven, motivated, and energetic sales and marketing professional with over 10 years of experience. Kendra is recognized as a "goal crusher" who adapts very well to new environments, and a firm believer in being coachable and learning from those who have walked the same steps. She continues to sharpen her skill as a top producer which resulted in the award for "Rookie of the Year" in 2020. Her passion is to acquire new knowledge every day, commit to her customers, with the ability to create trust and build lasting business relationships. In her free time, Kendra travels, workout, and mentors high school girls in Dade & Broward County.

Chad Stewart (He/Him)

Front-End Engineer
USA, Canada, Remote

I am Chad Stewart, a Software Engineer from Kingston, Jamaica. I am the most experienced in Front-End Engineering but have experience in Full Stack Engineering as well. I mostly work in the React ecosystem but am open to other technologies as well. I also run Tech Is Hiring, a space to bring both people seeking and people offering opportunities together. Nice to meet you!

David Aguillon (He/Him)

Director of Customer Success

Career Customer Success professional with 7.5 years of experience across early to mid-stage startups and mature organizations. I have experience in rapidly implementing and scaling customer success teams as well as auditing and optimizing teams, tools, process and customer feedback.

Raquel (She)

UX/UI Designer

Hello. I’m an entry-level UXUI Designer from London. I have a background in Electronic Engineering and Maths from university and a passion for design which has been at the core of everything I do. I am sure that this blend of skills make me an ideal candidate for a UXUI Design position. I have a proactive and energetic attitude that could be beneficial when working in a team. My portfolio website shows my most recent experience and thought process when tackling various business and design issues. You can contact me on my email raqueldjalo@live.com.pt. I look forward to hear from you Thank you Raquel

Adesina Abdulrahman (He/Him )

Machine learning engineer

I’m a Software and machine learning engineer who builds data driven applications. I have a track record in backend web development, data science, data engineering, analytics and technical writing on a global scale.

Vincent Iroleh (He/Him)

Software Engineer

Software Engineer with 2 years of IT experiences finding solutions and determining customer satisfaction. Adept in developing products for web development, user experience, and best practices and speed with a major focus on Cloud Platforms Azure, Amazon Web services (AWS) and also includes great knowledge on the principles and best practices of software configuration management (SCM) in agile, scrum and waterfall methodologies.

Marleen Moise (she/her/hers)

Product Manager
Remote or NYC

I’m a creative, problem solver with a background in product and project management. As an enthusiastic recent grad, I’m seeking to add value to a technical team through a product or project management entry-level role.

Kerstin Wolf (She/Her and They/Them)

Data Analyst, Data Scientist
Chicago, Remote

I recently graduated with my master's in library and information sciences with a focus in data science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Before returning for my master's, I was a literary agent where I represented a number of authors and would sell their manuscripts to publishers so that their manuscripts would one day become books on bookstore shelves. Since then and throughout the last two years, I've taken on a number of data roles. I was a consultant at the Business Intelligence Group where I helped a start-up artificial intelligence company establish their business model with regards to market entry in positioning. I also worked as a data developer intern programming a data curation workflow involving programmatic data cleaning and data ETL using Python for a grant program at the university. Most recently, I was a data science intern working on digital water management at Corteva Agriscience where I automated PDF report generation using R, communicated recommendations from data science pipelines to end users through hundreds of reports distributed across the country, and developed an optimization algorithm using IOT data. I'm a fast learner with endless curiosity, a boat-load of tenacity, and a keen eye for detail.

Chinenye Monanu (She/Her)

UX Designer

I'm a graphic designer with 3+ years of experience who recently transitioned to UX design. After being a social media designer for a few years, I was looking for something a bit more challenging and that's what led me to change careers. I'm looking for a position where I can apply my skills and also grow as a UX designer. I’m really eager to learn and I regard myself as a fast learner. I also have experience working in teams so this is something that I’ll bring to any company I'm in.

Bijay Upreti (He/Him)

Data Science Intern
Remote, Toronto, Canada

Web developer with an interest in data science, data analytics, and business analytics. Strong education background in computing, and a demonstrated knowledge of business analytics and research. Expertise in Python and SQL, as well as JavaScript and other web developer languages. I am currently working on projects by taking datasets from Kaggle and am also teaching myself new topics such as R and machine learning.

Caleb Smith (He/Him)

Software Engineer, Software Developer, Full-Stack Software Engineer, QA
Open to opportunity

Full-Stack software developer in pursuit of my next opportunity, I am always looking to learn and grow my skill set. I have experience in JavaScript, React.Js, Node.Js, Ruby on Rails as well as core Computer Science fundamentals

Ashley Hayslett (She/Her)

Customer Experience Leader
NYC or Remote

I’m an emotionally intelligent, solution-oriented support pro who’s been helping people for over 10 years, and the last 8 of those have been at companies with high-touch, very personal customer conversations. I lead cross-departmental, data-driven conversations about product and process improvements, and have been developing onboarding and ongoing training programs to keep our CX teams at the top of their game. I’ve also developed voice of the customer programs to make sure customers are heard and are getting the experience they expect.

Jennifer Kennedy (She/Her/Hers)

Frontend Developer
Seattle or remote

I am a frontend developer with a background in Molecular Biology. I enjoy working on products and seeing users interact with things I've built. I have experience with TypeScript, React, Jest, and GraphQL. My goal is to find a fun product to work on with interesting and unique challenges.

Tobi Dele-Safa (She/Her)

Product Manager

An Entry-Level Product Manager with experience working as a Front-End Software Engineer. I am passionate about building products that change lives and revolutionalise the way things are done. I am adept enough to speak code with the developers, algorithms with the data scientists, pixels with designers, and metrics with business analysts.

Nneka Eko (She/Her)

User Experience Designer
Texas or Remote

I’m a UX design intern with a background in analytics and healthcare seeking full time product design or user experience design opportunities focused in the space of wellness, fintech, or software space. I’m extremely passionate to mend the gap between digital and human experiences.

Sia Karamalegos (She/Her)

Web Developer/Developer Advocate
Remote or Durham, NC

Hi, I'm a web developer, performance engineer, and a co-organizer for the Eleventy Meetup and GDG New Orleans. I'm also a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, a Cloudinary Media Developer Expert, and a Stripe Community Expert. I have extensive writing, speaking, and teaching experience as well. I'm full-stack but prefer the front end and love all things Jamstack and web performance! JavaScript, Node, React, HTML, CSS, Ruby/Rails, Elixir/Phoenix, SQL

Emmanuel Steve (He/Him)

Front End developer

Hi 👋 , My name is Emmanuel Steve, I’m a front end developer with over 3yrs of professional experience. I’m looking for my next role! Frontend developer Remote A place to grow and learn Values that go beyond coding skills

Chrysm Watson Ross (She/Her, They/Them)

AI/Data Science, Machine Learning
remote, coasts, NM

Data Scientist, AI/NLP expert with background from epidemiological modeling to social media topic analysis (misinformation and hate speech diffusion) and AI web app development. Deep learning and classic ML/NLP expertise.

Obiagba Mary

Software Engineer, Technical Writer, IT support specialist

Hi, my name is Mary Obiagba. I'm a software engineer, technical writer and IT support specialist. I have worked on improving accessibility, web performance and documentation for Ushahidi. I also founded Code Collabo open source community creating fun Javascript, nodejs and documentation projects to provide support for new tech talents. I'm also a mobile web specialist track mentor at the Google Africa Developer Scholarship program.

Phanideep Tallapragada

Data Science, Business Intelligence, Data Engineer, Data Analytics

A detail and result oriented professional with over seven years of experience, qualifying skill includes: Strategic, Analytical, Leadership and Strong Interpersonal Communication Skills. Analyzing and evaluating (on a quantitative and qualitative base) the effectiveness of line project operations in meeting established goals and objectives. Identifying resources (policies and data) required to support varied levels of project operations. To pro-actively manage foreseen process risk, mitigating as necessary. Proven ability to cultivate productive relationships with key people. Strong organizational and time management abilities. Efficient in Team Handling and Mentoring skills. Demonstrated experience in understanding of complex data. Able to process new data quickly and communicate it effectively to lay individuals. Broad scientific mathematical knowledge with ability to apply learning to real world situations. Timely execution of projects, ability to manage team and delivery of projects on time with quality. Served as go-to-person regarding any administrative and operational related functions. Building and maintaining the client relationship on both IT and business side.

Leo Yockey (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer

Mid-level engineer with strong preference towards Javascript and a heavy emphasis on accessibility. Effective communicator with both technical teammates and nontechnical stakeholders. Previous projects include building React web apps, Node.js REST APIs, micro services via AWS, and test-driven CI/CD.

Jorge Vergara (He/Him)

Web Developer

Hey, I'm Jorge and I’m a Full Stack JavaScript developer. I build mobile apps running on the browser with web technologies such as Ionic, Angular, Firebase, and nodejs. My goal is to help companies deploy more reliable, performant, and stable applications 😊

Sarah Habib (She/Her)

Software Engineering Internship

I'm a Junior at Duke University studying Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Computer Science and a certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship looking for Software Engineering Internships for Summer 2022.

Cynthia Edeh (She )

Entry level Backend Web Developer (python)

My name is Cynthia, I am an Entry level Backend web developer (python). From Nigeria. I am currently in need of a remote internship so as to have a practical experience.

Princess Iheanetu (She/Her)

NYC, LA, Remote

Multidisciplinary designer -- inspired by culture in motion, projects that place a premium on innovation and brand philosophies rooted within fashion, health and wellness. At the intersection of direction, design and storytelling -- continuously learning through experimentation to contribute my skillset to brands rooted in impactful design. Strong interest in design research, brand narratives, content strategy, art, and project management.

Xi Chen (She/Her)

Data Science Intern
No location preference

I am a driven data science MS student with a strong chemical engineering and operations background. As a first-generation immigrant and college graduate, I believe my work ethic, tenacity, and eagerness to learn will allow me to excel in any professional environment. Actively seeking a data science/machine learning internship in which I can apply my statistical analysis and programming skills to empower digital transformation initiatives.

Sara Darko (She/Her)

UX Researcher
Remote / Open to Relocation

Hi there! I'm a Health Informatics graduate with 2 years of research and project coordination experience and 1 year of data analysis experience, in healthcare! I am a curious, empathetic and driven team player looking to transition into and make an impact in the tech industry. I have the desire to channel this energy towards developing innovative data-driven solutions that align with user needs.

Lewis Kang’ethe Ngugi (He/Him)

Senior Product Designer

I'm a multidisciplinary and full-stack designer with over 6 years experience problem solving on a global scale. Passionate about community building.

Nga Than (She/Her)

Data Science, Machine Learning Engineer, Research Scientist
New York, Seattle, Remote

I'm a computational social scientist and a data scientist. I use computational tools to analyze and understand social problems. I write about AI ethics and Sociology at Montreal AI Ethics Institute.

Shannon Foster (She/Her)

Developer Advocate

Technical Program Manager at Microsoft, previously a software engineer at Lunarline and The Washington Post, with experience developing web and mobile apps and APIs with Python, Java, Django, Flask, dotNet Core, and Spring Boot.

Ademosu Adeola (He/Him)

Frontend Developer

I am Frontend Developer, proficient in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, and REACTJS, I’ve been working on web app development for two years now since I decided to transition from real estate to tech because of my curiosity. Had my own projects, coded mostly in HTML, CSS, javascript, and reactjs, and I have also worked in a team of 4 - 25 people remotely. And I learned a lot, both at work and while working on the applications. Apart from coding, I enjoy reading a good book, traveling, and exercising.

Luisa Rojas (She/Her)

Software Developer
Ontario, Canada

Hello 👋🏼 I'm a Software Developer. I have one year of experience as a DevOps Engineer, but I'm looking to take on a Backend Developer role next. During my Master's degree, which I finished last year, I worked with concurrent and parallel programs and did my research on ways to overcome the challenges that come with them. I have experience teaching and applying a variety of programming languages (e.g. Python, Java, C++ and JavaScript) and databases (graph, SQL, NoSQL). Over the past year, I have been able to also develop my DevOps skills and often use technologies like Jenkins, Terraform ("IaC"), Docker and Cloud platforms.

Victor Ikechukwu‌ (He/Him)

Frontend Developer

Hi! 🤠, I'm a community-taught front-end web developer, who enjoys building web interfaces. with a background history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Communication, English, Frontend Development, Technical Writing, and Teamwork. currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science - BS degree focused in Computer Science from the University of Port Harcourt. Aside from coding, I'm also a technical/product writer who's a huge fan of giving back to the community. Specializing in writing on topics revolving around frontend technologies or the frontend ecosystem, aimed at helping other developers discover new tools or expand their skillset. You can find my articles on my Blog: https://vickyikechukwu.hashnode.dev/ I'm open to new (Remote) mid - entry-level roles Core Skills: HTML, CSS (Sass/Scss), GIT, JavaScript, React JS, Nextjs, Technical Writing, Community Building

Emily Liew (She/Her)

Software Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Full Stack Engineer
Dublin/remote Ireland, Remote Europe

I'm a software engineer based in Dublin, Ireland. I recently graduated with BSc (Hons.) in Computer Science from University College Dublin. Previously, I was elected as treasurer at UCD Internet Society twice and QA-ed mobile apps at Ding.com. In teams, I tend to be the one generating ideas, leading discussions, and hunting down bugs. I've worked with Java, Spring boot, React, CSS, MongoDB, MySQL, microservices architecture, and REST APIs in my projects, but my thesis involved self-taught Python, Tensorflow, recommender systems, and reinforcement learning.

Adhel Geng (She/Her)

UX Design
Boston, Virginia, New York, Remote

Hi there. My name is Adhel, and I am a current senior at Wellesley College. I am a self-taught designer looking for my first entry-level job in design. Currently, I work as a UX/Front-end development intern at CoolGreenPower. I am passionate about empowering small businesses and creating thoughtful products for community and wellbeing.

Misbah Noorani (She/Her)

Community Manager
New York, Remote

A product is as good as its enthusiastic user community. I am experienced in user acquisition, retention through customer support system design, online community management, and user research in the service of excellent product cycles.

Nancy Fakrogha (She/Her)

Data Analyst Intern

Entry level data analytics professional; recently completed the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate and passionate about helping businesses through customer success experience and data driven decisions. She has over two years’ experience in the banking sector where she gained capacity in developing, maintaining and implementing customer first culture, led the front-line daily cash transactions and showed proven ability to communicate with both technical and non-technical audience. She loves data and she is building her skills in analyzing structured and unstructured data to derive insights for business decisions.

Jeremy Mendoza (He/Him)

UX Designer
Chicago, Remote

I’m a UX designer who loves working with customers to identify and understand their needs. I seek to produce empathetic, inclusive, and engaging solutions to do just that. I’ve spent my recent time re-examining existing systems and pinpointing the ways I can improve them to better serve their users. I am also enthusiastic about the ways we as designers can create more accessible and inclusive solutions for the unheard and underserved.

Tomya Mateo (She/Her)

Product manager/UX

Product evangelist. Growth Mindset. Servant Leader. Product/UX and designer with +8 years multidisciplinary experience. Entrepreneur. Certified Scrum Master. SAFe framework. Won several prizes as a Startup. 2 Accelerator programs: Startup school from Y-Combinator & SIBB.

Jennifer Hsu (She/Her)

Software Engineer
Remote and/or California

Aspiring Software Engineer with a degree in Social Work and Computer Science. I was initially a Social Work major, specifically interested in the health care aspect where I wanted to either do research or work in the hospital. However, as I was in the program, I realized my true passion was on the intersectionality between technology and health. I wanted to develop technology for the health care sector, with a focus on our primary care providers (eg. social workers and doctors). My goal is to develop technology to help streamline their process so they could focus their energy on what really matters -- their patients.

Brendon Wright

Software Engineer
Remote or The New York Metropolitan area

I am a Computer Science graduate who is an aspiring Software Engineer. I am passionate about building projects that are going to help individuals within my community. I have experience using Python, Java, HTML, CSS, and Reactjs. I am looking to expand my knowledge on the current languages I am familiar with as well as learning new languages and frameworks that will help my team and myself flourish in the long-term.

Mahe Iram Khan (She/Her)

Software Engineer Intern
No Location Preference, Ready to Relocate

I am Mahe. A senior year Computer Engineering student. I code in Python and C++. I am a very quick learner and like to try and understand new technologies and field of software engineering. I have interned at conda-forge, where I helped document the conda-forge ecosystem. I am presently an intern at Quansight Labs, where I am adding more package origins to Grayskull (https://github.com/conda-incubator/grayskull) which is an automatic recipe generator for conda-forge. I am a member of the conda-forge open source community. I'm looking for entry level software engineering roles.

Peter Kang (He/Him)

Frontend Engineer
Remote and/or California

Hi! I'm Peter and I'm a software engineer with 1+ yr of experience as a volunteer frontend engineer for an education-tech startup dedicated to tutoring businesses and remote learning. Experienced with HTML, CSS. Javascript, React, GraphQL, Apollo, Material-UI, Node.js, and familiar with Typescript. Looking to make a quick impact as an entry-level engineer on your team.

Claudia Benito de Moya (She/Her)

Front end developer
Remote, Europe

I am front-end developer from Spain. I have experience building SPAs and JAMstack sites focused on usability and performance. I am an avid learner and diligent developer who enjoy working in multidisciplinary teams. I am currently looking for new job opportunities where I can be part of a passionate team, keep growing and contribute to a meaningful project.

Sarah Eisa (She/Her)

Software Engineer
Europe, Remote, No location preference

A Fullstack Software Engineer with a knack for UI Design & Open-Source contributions. Using my strong problem-solving skills and enthusiasm for the web to help making people’s lives easier and simpler. I have experience working remotely with startups in diverse teams and Agile environment. I mainly code in Javascript, React, Node.js, and I'm always passionate to try and learn new technologies.

Alexaleigh Imani Colon (They/He)

Software Engineer
Remote, Areas around Boston, New York, and Philly

My preferred name is Neaux (pronounced “no”) I am a results-orientated recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Computer Science with 5.5+ years of work experience. Aiming to leverage my academic experience and proven knowledge of OOP and web-based programming languages, fascination with rising CS industries, and an adaptive work style to successfully kick off my career. Praised as detail-oriented by peers, I am excited to see where my talents take me!

Lillian Gray (she/they)

Frontend Developer
Twin Cities, MN, Remote

I am a Computer Science graduate from Earlham College who is passionate about using software as a tool for social good. As a senior, I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and received the William Roha Computer Science award in recognition for outstanding work in Computer Science. I recently finished a year as a Quaker Voluntary Service Fellow. My areas of proficiency include React, Python, and Sass.

Mark A Rivera (He / Him)

Web Developer

Software Engineer motivated to develop tech that benefits everyone. I've worked with companies like Roll20, SevenStar and HRF to develop a multitude of projects. From virtual table top characters sheets that over 8 million players use to applications that help protect both officers and citizens during their daily interactions I am always open to learning new tools / tech stacks to solve any problem efficiently, however here is the current stack I find myself using: Front-End: HTML, CSS, JS, TypeScript, React, Redux, Context, React-Query (and many other libraries and tools) Back End: NodeJS, Express, Mongo, Python, Postgresql, JWT Testing: RTL, Cypress Operations: Github, Wireframing, Designing API Contracts I look forward to meeting with you

Kate Lois G. Follett (She/Her)

Software Engineer
Remote - New York, NY - Seattle, WA - San Francisco, CA - Portland, OR - Chicago, IL - Boston, MA - Los Angeles, CA

I am a career changer, in my past life I was a Digital Marketer and now have resurrected as a Software Engineer through the completion of a coding bootcamp and continuous learning. My mission as a Software Engineer is to contribute to applications that enrich lives and build communities. As a first generation Filipino-American, I want to forge a path for future women of color transitioning into tech. To set an example that your goals and dreams can be attainable no matter the color of your skin, your race, background and sexuality.

Elena Okoneshnikova

Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Science Intern
Remote, Seattle

I am a Data enthusiast with a background in aerospace. I have 7 years of experience as a Structural Analyst at Boeing. My areas of expertise are Python, SQL, Excel/VBA, Machine Learning, NLP, ETL, Data Visualization . AWS and SQL certified professional. I have strong capacity to excel within a dynamic and innovative team culture.

Porscha Fair (She/Her)

UX Designer, Product Designer

I’m a designer with over 10 years of experience in web/visual design and digital marketing, now translating my skills to UX and product design because I want to focus on what I am most passionate about – the user experience. I have a special interest in research and information architecture. I care deeply about researching and providing strategic and thoughtful solutions for user problems, and ensuring products and services are equitable and accessible for all.

Sianoi Kimari (She/Her)

Data Analytics Intern
Remote, Miami, FL, West Palm Beach, FL

I'm new to the world of data but I've always had an affinity and curiosity for facts and figures (factual data/stats), research and human behavior. As we know, businesses thrive in understanding their customer so once I discovered Data Science I immediately fell in love with it. My background in Psychology fulfills my need to study and understand human behavior but it didn't quite fulfill my curiosity on its own. Data Science adds the final touch as one could predict behavior - getting us closer to omniscience.

Arushi Aggarwal (She/Her)

Web Developer
Remote, India

Motivated software engineering undergraduate based in Chandigarh, India with 6 months experience in software development on enterprise and large-scale applications. Seeking to use proven skills in JavaScript and software engineering methodologies in an entry-level role.

Brenda Ferrufino (She/Her)

Software Engineer
Remote, DC, MD, VA

Full Stack Engineer with a background in the hospitality industry and a passion for creating positive and seamless user experiences. Skilled at collaborating with teams, problem-solving, communicating, and performing in fast-paced environments. Driven by curiosity and the desire to create efficient products that are innovative, user friendly, and user-focused.

Michelle Hirano (She/Her/They)

Software Engineer, Data Engineer
Remote, Los Angeles

As a passionate and motivated problem solver, I am looking for a position where I am empowered to learn, collaborate, and contribute. I have strong work experience within customer service and working in teams, as well as a solid educational foundation with Javascript, SQL, MERN stack, etc. after completing UCLA extension's coding bootcamp. I am a fast learner, and eager to continue learning and growing.

Kheiston Boone (She/Her)

Project Management/Scrum Master
Remote, Dallas,TX

Fourteen years of solid experience in the fields of project management, technology, data analytics, sales, consulting, digital marketing, education, and customer service. A strong team member with various leadership capabilities and the ability to work under pressure. Experienced in cultivating relationships with different cultures and nationalities.

Emily Axel (she/her)

SaaS Customer Support

Trained as a social worker, I've brought my 15 years of nonprofit experience to the tech sector. I provide empathetic and thorough customer support, skilled at identifying, reproducing and investigating issues. I'm also a great team builder; contributing to a positive and inclusive company culture is my side jam.

Justin Dennis (He/Him)

UI/UX/Product Designer

I’m a UX Designer focused on using empathy, intuitive, & equitable design principles to solve complex problems with human centered solutions.

Samantha Sara Badeau (She/her/they/them)

Software Engineer
New York, Remote

Entry-level Computer Systems Engineer with 6 years of programming experience from educational pursuit and 3 months of professional experience of programming. I am seeking to learn new technologies and refine my coding practices, increasing my knowledge as a Computer Engineer.

Robert Green

Security analyst
Remote or DC/VA

Hi, I am a extremely motivated self starter looking for a cybersecurity or IT role. I do have my security+ certification and live in the DC area. I am continuing to practice network defense systems to improve everyday.

Sylvia Monalisa Engmann (She/Her)

FullStack Engineer

I am a Software Engineer with a focus on Full Stack development, and love for clean and user-friendly user interfaces . I'm currently working with JavaScript, Scala, PostgreSQL and constantly looking for opportunities to learn and grow.

Amber Spadafora (She/Her)

Mobile Software Engineer - iOS
New York or Remote

I studied iOS development beginning in 2016. In 2018 I landed my first role with a start-up, Rival, where I worked on a mobile prototype. I worked on the app from start to finish, including implementing the front-end using Storyboards to implementing coreData for offline data storage.

Joe Heiser (He/She/They)

Web Developer
Remote, Seattle Washington

I'm a freelance web developer proficient in modern front-end languages and the NodeJS and PHP back-ends. I am also well versed in Wordpress development, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firestore, and several CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and Semantic UI.

Taija Rudolph (She/Her)

Data Analyst Intern/ Entry level Data Analyst/ Entry Level Business Analyst
Remote or New Orleans, Louisiana

Recent Information Systems & Decision Sciences & Business Analytics graduate seeking an entry level data or business analyst position.

Stephanie Vaughn (She/Her)

Developer Advocate

I am a Communications professional with going on 4 years of experience working in tech. My background includes over a decade of work experience across the spectrum of media relations, social media, marketing communications, customer communications, feature writing and newspaper/online editing, content entry, copywriting and copy editing. Why did I start working in tech? The answer is simple: I wanted to change careers. For me, embarking on the journey which started in Front-End Development and eventually led me to Developer Relations has been an extension of my desire to pursue my love of communication and improve how we understand the roles it has in ours lives. Learning new languages - whether spoken or technical - always requires us to reexamine our understanding of the native tongue we were born with. Additionally, I recognize the immeasurable value of skills like coding in a world that increasingly relies on code more and more to communicate with itself.

Timara Nichols (She/Her)

Talent Acquisition Specialist, Customer Support Manager, Business Operations Manager, People Operations Coordinator

I bring 15 years of experience in financial services working in various roles - customer support, human resources, and operations. aPHR and CSM certifications.

Jesse Medrano (He/Him)

Software Engineer, Web Developer
Remote, Southern California

JavaScript/TypeScript Developer from Lambda School

Rocio Meza (She/Her)

Strategy & BizOps or Data Scientist

Hello! Excited to find a join a diverse, data-driven team in the startup world. I have 4 years of experience combined in tech, consulting, e-commerce, and business insights. My skills include project management, SQL, R, Alteryx, Tableau and open to learning more! I love being able to work on all types of projects and helping translate complex data challenges into tangible solutions/recommendations. Outside of work, I'm a Get Cities Fellow (funded by Pivotal Ventures + Melinda Gates) working towards creating a more equitable space for women, non-binary, and trans folks in tech.

Misaki Koonce (She/Her)

Frontend Engineer
Remote, PST, EDT, CDT

I'm a Frontend Engineer who experienced frontend development and UX at three startups. I launched two websites and two applications using modern frameworks. My keen interest in programming is building easy-to-use and user-friendly websites and applications and solving challenges.

Roland Taylor

Web Designer

I'm a web and graphics designer who specializes is crisp, clean designs. I love working with CSS and SVG, and would be thrilled to find a job working with either one.

Queen Joseph

Customer Success Operations Leader

In my over 5 years working in customer success, I've helped over 3 startups scale from a few hundred customers to thousands worldwide. I have hands-on experience designing and implementing new processes and structures for customer success and support operations that improved customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and revenue growth.

Samantha (Sam) Viotty (She/Her)

User Researcher, Experience Designer, Design Strategist, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Client Relations Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager
Remote, happy to travel for short-mid term contracts

Sam Viotty is a creative problem solver with a demonstrated history of using design thinking to generate solutions to a wide range of challenges. Trying to coin "creative operational design" as a way of expanding the definition of what design roles traditionally look like, she uses different research methods and creative strategies to manage projects, programs, and develop processes. She has spent the past 7 years of her career developing strategies and programs with start-ups and inaugural programs all with the aim of supporting companies and organizations create what their audiences need.

Ken Mbaya (He/Him)

Data Science Intern
Remote, No location preference

Ken is a recent graduate from Strathmore University with a degree in Business Information Technology. I have majored in Business Intelligence. I love data analytics and data science as I believe that in order to know the future you must first look at the past. During my free time I like hiking and travelling. I am always looking for opportunities to grow my data science skills and learn from the best in the industry.

Caleb Smith (He/Him)

Software Engineer / Full-Stack
Washington D.C.

Full-Stack software developer in pursuit of my next opportunity, I am always looking to learn and grow my skill set. I have experience in JavaScript, React.Js, Node.Js as well as core Computer Science fundamentals.

Raymond Duru-young (He/Him)

Frontend Web Developer

I am a focused individual that consistently delivers professional work for every task and on every project. I am confident, resourceful, detailed oriented and simply a positive person. I do have a desire to learn and grow which has given me the ability to adapt to and assimilate things easily.

Tabah Baridule

Technical Content Writer

I offer a combination of unique skills and competencies which I have developed through a lengthy and rewarding career. I have honed my skills in SEO and conducting research while being proficient in collaboration. In previous roles, I have contributed to organizational improvements, collaborative team efforts, and the attainment of key business targets as a co-founder. I offer the communication, management, and technical content writing capabilities that are required, and I'm open to discussing the possibility of joining the team. Please feel free to contact me for additional career details and qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration of my candidacy.

LaShawnda Rodgers (She/Her)

Project Manager
Remote, Dallas-TX, Texas, GA, WA, CA,

Project Manager with experience managing global projects and providing a simplified, ease of use user experience. Extensive love for leading small to large scale projects with an Agile and Waterfall approach. As a SME, cross-functionally collaborates with Sales, Product, Finance, and Engineering to leverage data insights to make decisions and position company for success. I am well versed in acceptance testing, vendor management, execution of project plans, employee development, process improvement, and software implementations. I am a Certified Scrum Master facilitates Daily Scrum Meetings, Sprint Retrospective, Sprint Planning, and Sprint Review. Microsoft Teams, WebEx, SharePoint, SDLC, Excel, Power BI, Power App, Visio, Planner, Project, Rally, Gantt Charts, and Tableau are some technologies.

Adefemi Micheal (He/Him)

Cloud/DevOps Engineer

I am a self-motivated Engineer who is willing to go above and beyond on any project, and to learn valuable skills on my own time. For example, I taught myself Go programming languages while still in college, simply out of a passion to learn how to code.

Victor Ikechukwu (He/Him)

Frontend Developer intern

Hi! 🤠, I'm a 17 years old Experienced self-taught front-end Web Developer, who enjoys building web interfaces that connect products to their intended target users. with a background history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Communication, English, Frontend Development, Technical Writing, and Teamwork. currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science - BS degree focused in Computer Science from the University of Port Harcourt. Aside from coding, I'm also a technical/product writer. I specializes in writing on topics revolving around frontend technologies or the frontend ecosystem, aimed at helping other developers discover new tools or expand their skillset. You can find my articles on my Blog: https://vickyikechukwu.hashnode.dev/ Open to new (Remote) intern and contract roles Core Skills: HTML, CSS (Sass/Scss), GIT, JavaScript, React JS, Nextjs, Technical Writing, Community Building

Javaun Salmon (He/Him)

Web Developer

Hi! I am an entrepreneur and software developer interested in using technology to improve business processes. My goal as a software developer is to write clean, easily maintained code. I enjoy thinking creatively and critically in order to design efficient software. In my free time, I like to sharpen my skills and learn new technologies. I work best in collaborative environments where a growth-mindset is emphasized and is at the core of every project.

Tatenda Magondo (He/him)

DevOps/Cloud Engineer

I have 2+ years of experience in system administration, looking to move to a DevOps role, My current experience includes cloud, Infrastructure as code(Terraform, AWS CDK) networking, and Linux/Unix. I also have scripting experience in Python and Bash. I'm passionate about community, speaking, and organizing Tech talks. I am 3x AWS Certified and also an AWS Community Builder.

Bessie Steinberg (She/Her)

Software Engineer

I have 7 years of backend experience with a variety of tech stacks. I love working on teams where I have the opportunity to learn from and teach my coworkers.

Zachary Fetters (He/Him)


I am a self-taught web/graphic designer with close to eight years of knowledge. Due to a lack of design or programming-related opportunities where I live, I have not had much luck or experience in working in tech, so I am looking to get my foot in the door and start!

Yorleny Araya (She/Her)

Data Engineer/Data Science Intern
Remote, No location preference

I am an aspiring Data Engineer, currently studying Computer Systems Engineering in university. I am switching careers after a few years working on supply chain management for the local industry. I am passionate about software development and Data Science. I have a Techincal Degree in Data Analysis and a Specialization in Big Data.

Isaac Sixtus Chizaram (He/Him)

Remote/ Open to Relocation

I m a Designer with over 5 years of professional experience in the design space and a track record in brand communication, marketing design, creative direction, community management and marketing design on a global scale. Thus, I see every project as a chance to “leave my footprint” and explore unique design techniques. I have given talks/workshops at Design/OS conferences around the globe at UX Professionals Washington, Open Up Summit Asia, iMakeFOSS, Friends of Figma Nigeria, FOSSASIA Singapore, FOSDEM Belgium among many. Currently serving as a Program Committee Member, DrupalCon North America 2021. Founded Creative Discourse, a community empowering creatives in Africa. Over the years, I ‘ve contributed to Drupal, Linux Foundation Public Health, Indian Open Source Organization, Python, Open Source Design. I speak Mandarin(Chinese) ,中文

David Rogers (He/Him)

Frontend Software Engineer
Remote, NYC

I have taught in Beijing, China, Seoul, South Korea and New Jersey, USA for nine years and coding for about 1 year now. My education and work experience abroad have taught me the importance of communication and time management. Furthermore, as a self-taught engineer I have developed the ability to adapt to unexpected challenges that may arise in development.

Ruiwen Fan (She/Her)

UX Designer
No location preference

I'm a data-driven UX designer & researcher with a background in HCI & CS, who enjoys creating a highly accessible user-centered experience that leaves a positive impact on people and bridges the gap in communication/collaboration.

Rachel Vice (She/Her)


I’m a designer and illustrator currently leading the design of instructional content at BOA. My experience ranges from developing illustrative content strategies to designing usable interactive instructional experiences in physical and digital spaces.


SOC/Cyber Security Analyst or Pen Tester
No location preference

I’m an aspiring Cyber Security professional with background in Education and IT. Graduated with an MSc Computer Forensics and Cyber Security from University of Greenwich in July 18 2019, then Covid19 happened before I could start applying for security roles, after I resigned from my lead Teacher of Computing position. During the pandemic, I took on the challenge to embark on reskilling in hopes of pursuing my passion in Cyber Security and as a lifelong learner. This led me to complete online trainings in Cyber Security, Python and Web Development bootcamps, and more recently CEH v11 to to meet the ever changing and increasing demand for Cyber Security professionals. And my inspiration to positively impact my community. Therefore, I am to learn, enhance and continue to develop practical hands on skills I acquired using Kali and ParrotOS offensive/defensive tools while studying for CEH v11 and other computer security related trainings and courses.

Mukhtar Raji (He/Him)

Python Data Engineer

I am Raji Mukhtar; a programmer with a high level of experience in Python programming. As a programmer, I have achieved quite a number of projects such as - digital tasks automation - building desktop applications - Implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms - Implementing Data Analysis and Data Visualization on Client's data. - Organized tutorials for Python, C and MATLAB - Been a part of several Hackathons while imbibing positiveness and functionality to the team I am widely experienced and also a great team member who is open to mentor and be mentored.

Maria Guerrero (She/Her)

Software Engineer

Software Engineer with a love for UX/UI web design and development. Skilled in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React, PostgreSQL, and Node.js. Life-long learner, cyborg, and advocate for accessibility. I’m excited to transition into my first tech role and advance my skills with a team that shares similar values! My previous role as a Marketing Manager has taught me how to be collaborative within a cross-functional team, become an expert with time management, and engaged my innovative side so that I could create engaging digital experiences.

Malaya Manacop (She/Her)

UX Researcher
Remote, San Diego, CA

Malaya (she/her) is a UX Designer and currently a student at The Clinical UX Academy™ and QTBIPOC Design UX Bootcamp. She has spent the first 5 years of her career as a researcher and social worker in public health, with a particular focus in serving LGBTQ youth and young adults. She has a passion for equity-focused design, and interested in working for a company with a focus on social impact.

Maria J. Cobos (She/Her)

Data Analyst
No location preference

I am a Data Analyst proficient in Excel, SQL, Python, and Tableau for data analytics and visualization. I have 5 years of experience using predictive modeling, data processing and data mining algorithms for Telecommunications and Higher Education industry to solve challenging business problems given the data. I have a strong interest in statistical methods and machine learning algorithms to discover the unknown context behind those patterns.

Rodney Matambo

Software Engineer

I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer who is passionate about solving problems. I have multiple years of experience programming using languages like JavaScript, GoLang, Ruby SQL, HTML, CSS. I recently co-created Jolt a lightweight open-source framework for deploying JAMstack applications(static sites) with serverless functions(custom backend api for static sites). I have also used AWS extensively

Ajulor Christian (He)

Data Scientist

I am a Data Scientist familiar with gathering, cleaning and organizing data for use by technical and non-technical personnel. Highly organized,motivated and diligent, skilled in analysis using python libraries, machine learning algorithms and python. Enthusiastic and eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills.

Aiden Benjamin Chen Vazquez (He/Him )

Product Marketing Manager, Product Manager, User Experience Researcher
Seattle, WA , San Francisco Bay Area , San Diego, CA , Remote

User Obsessed & Empathetic aspiring Product Manager with 6+ years of experience in Marketing, 5+ Years experience in Leadership and 2+ Years experience in User Research. In my most recent role as Marketing Director for SHPE Southwestern College, I launched a campaign to increase monthly active users & customer acquisition and retention which yielded a 70% increase over the 2020 KPI annual review analysis. My strengths lie in Marketing, Social Media Strategy, User Experience Research, Project Management, Accessibility and Product Research.

Nick Pardue (He/Him)

Data Analyst / Tableau Developer / Data Consultant
Remote / No location preference

As a collaborator and problem solver at heart, I'm looking for an entry-level position where I am empowered to learn, contribute, and take ownership of my work. I have an eye for visualization, love working with Tableau, and have a solid foundation in programmatic thinking from experience with Python and SQL while attending Flatiron School's data science bootcamp. Currently a Junior at Arizona State University pursuing a BA in Project Management and Applied Business Data Analytics.

Jeremy Lee (He/Him)

Data Scientist, Data Engineer
Atlanta, GA; Raleigh, NC; Tampa, FL; Miami, FL; Charlotte, NC; Remote

Experience in data acquisition and modeling, statistical analysis, machine learning, and NLP. With my background in mechanical engineering and construction, I bring strong analytical skills, project management expertise, and a client-focused approach to problem-solving and am looking to help companies make impacts through data.

Pratistha Shrestha (She/Her)

Data Analyst
No location preference

Highly motivated Computer Science graduate with demonstrated history of working in data analysis and risk assessment in medical data. Strong analytical mind with an ability to solve complex problems. Strong ability to quickly resolve software problems to minimize disruptions in operations and workflow.

Furqan Soomro (He/him)

UX/UI & Front-end developer
Remote or happy to relocate

Psychology graduate with 3+ years of experience in content creation, social media strategy and marketing. Working freelance as a web designer & social media manager. Advocate of mental health, diversity, inclusivity, equity & LGBTQI+ community.

mahbub bello (He/him)

Backend developer

A backend developer with experience in digital media management and sales. I can help build robust and scalable solutions for clients.

Jacqueline Chung (She/Her)

Product Management, Data Anaytics & Science, Consulting & Strategy Intern
Europe, US, Remote, Canada

My mission is to empower my community by launching technologies that solve social causes. With my strong business acumen and analytical nature, I am pursuing a Business Technology Management major with a Computer Science specialty at Ryerson University. I co-founded International Hub to help international students grow professionally.

Mrithyunjay Gurav (He/Him)

Software Engineer, Frontend developer, Backend developer, Full Stack developer
Remote, No location preference

I'm recent graduate with Bachelor's in Computer Science Engineering I am looking for an entry-level position that allows me to learn and build my skills both as a developer and as a teammate, with relentless curiosity and eagerness to learn. I'm constantly learning and trying to deepen my knowledge in all things from designing and developing beautiful, intuitive and user-friendly interfaces to building highly scalable, distributed and resilient systems. Focusing on frontend and backend development my experiences are in JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, GraphQL, MongoDB, NextJS, HTML/CSS, Webpack, Express and one day hope to be a prominent member of React, GraphQL and Node communities.

Jalen A Harris

Software Engineer, Full Stack Developer, Backend Developer, Frontend Developer
No location preference

My name is Jalen Harris and I am a highly motivated and results-driven professional with a strong background in software development, coding, analytics, project management, and relationship management. Through my educational experience as a recent Bootcamp graduate of Code Academy and Free Code Camp, I have enhanced my skills with a team of support specialists to improve software capabilities while monitoring and testing problematic issues. I have extensive experience utilizing CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, React, Python, Django, Postman, Swaggerhub, Mysql, and MongoDB.

Elizabeth Coker (She/Her)

UI/UX Internship
Remote, No location preference

I'm changing my career path into the tech world via UI/UX design. I'm open to take up internships or entry level roles.

Tabitha O'Melay (She/Her)

Full Stack Software Engineer
Remote or SF Bay Area

I'm a software engineer with a strong foundation in C, Python, and Javascript. I am comfortable on the Linux command line and have plenty of DevOps experience. I also work with CSS, HTML, React, and more. I derive real joy from problem-solving and the discovery of odd things in the world of code.

Graham Harris (He/Him)

Software Engineer
New York City or Remote

I'm a rising senior at NYU with a major in computer science and minors in mathematics and Italian studies. I have experience with most of the major programming languages, including Python, Java, JavaScript, and C/C++. I'm detail-oriented, passionate about projects, and love to learn new things!

Kelsey Horowitz (She/Her)

Product Designer / UX Designer
New York, Remote

Hi, I'm Kelsey - a passionate, empathetic designer with broad international experience, and a background in psychology and communications. I love working with and meeting different people, enhancing my desire to create inclusive and empowering designs. I strive to solve users' problems and meet the business goals.

Tomya Mateo (She/Her)

Product Management / PO (leading roles or not)

Product evangelist. Growth Mindset. Servant Leader. Product/UX and designer with +8 years multidisciplinary experience. Entrepreneur. Certified Scrum Master. SAFe framework. Won several prizes as a Startup. 2 Accelerator programs: Startup school from Y-Combinator & SIBB.

Richmon Makafui (Him)


I'm a UX/UI Designer and a Product Designer who has users interests at heart. I have a sincere passion for everything design. I am advanced powerpoint presentation designer as well, having about 4 years worth of work experience in this area. i have a wealth of knowledge concerning finding the best design solutions for user problems in developing products. I love design for how it makes everything fit together and make sense

Amy Chantasirivisal (She/Her)

Software Engineering Leader, Director, VP, CTO

A software engineering leader who believes that truly diverse and inclusive teams start with empathy and by putting people first. My role is to facilitate and align employee needs with org needs in a way where both can be successful and thrive.

Obafemi Joseph Olorungbon (Him)

Web Developer

Highly motivated and driven web developer with less than 6 months experience doing backend and frontend software development. I believe in doing things the proper way, database design, accessibility, building to scale as well as efficiency. I am seeking an entry level opportunity where I can grow my skills and learn how to work in a professional tech environment.

Evans Domina Attafuah (He/Him)

iOS Developer

Am an iOS Developer. I focus on crafting clean user interfaces and solving user experience problems on the iOS platform. Am also passionate about demystifying complex component into simpler usage scenarios and also building reusable components that can be used by design and development teams.


Data Science Intern

I am an aspiring data scientist and machine learning intermediate professional with over 3 years of experience in using analytical tools & Machine Learning algorithms to solve regression and classification problems

Laura Sinisterra (She/her)


Multidisciplinary designer with experience in brand identity and web design. interest in design research, art, learning and time management. Learning through intentional experimentation, looking to collaborate and expand my skillset.

Tyler Holland (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Remote

Hi, my name's Tyler and I am a Software Engineer with a focus on Backend and Full Stack development. I am looking for an entry-level position that allows me to learn and build my skills both as a developer and as a teammate.

Brianna Snitchler (She/They)

Product Design
Remote, Austin, Detroit, LA

Product Designer with nearly 10 years experience shipping products for web, mobile, AR, VR, and beyond. Advocate of design justice. Aspiring music producer and DJ. Seeking solutions for a sustainable, healthy, and equitable future.

Cody campbell (He/Him/His)

UX/UI Designer
Remote, No Location Preference, Open to Relocation

I'm a UX/UI Designer who is passionate about fighting for the user. I do this by creating human-centered and usable products. I believe that great design can change the way people live and for the better. After spending the past five years in marketing, I am an excellent problem solver and know that building relationships is the key to understanding users' frustrations. Designing a solution and keeping the user in mind is the foundation to creating a great and inclusive product which is what made me fall in love with UX/UI.

Francisco Arrigoni (He/Him/His)

Full Stack Engineer

Over 3 years of experience working as a web developer. Consistently receive high user experience scores on all my work. Proactive, meticulous, and resourceful professional. Seeking to create outstanding solutions alongside a high-performance team.

Archana Mudiam (She/Her/Hers)

UX Designer
No Location Preference

My name is Archana, and I currently working with Women Who Code, Silicon Valley to design a portal for their members. As a UX designer, I am passionate about problem-solving and innovation. I collaborate with cross-functional teams to design workflows and create prototypes. My in-depth understanding of HTML and CSS, capabilities of web browsers has helped me design better products that translate well into development.

Shahbaz Mogal (He/Him/His)

Data Scientist
Seattle > San Francisco > No Location Preference

Driven Computer Science student with strong learner attitude. History working in startup, big tech, and research environments. Skilled in data science, teaching, software engineering and leading initiatives. Hardworking, and exhibit high levels of integrity and reliability. Looking for fall 2021 internship opportunity and winter 2021 full-time role in software engineering.

Jess Tabac (She/Her)

UX/UI Apprenticeship
No location preference; looking to move; remote

Hi there! Looking to transition careers from the beer industry into UX/UI. I'm currently enrolled in a bootcamp and am looking to say goodbye to my course and start working in a real world environment.

Kali (she/her/hers)

Software Engineer
NYC or Remote

Former restaurant manager turned Software Engineer. I have a bucket full of soft skills and am looking for a position where I can grow a solid foundation for my career.

Kendall Moraski (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
Los Angeles, Remote

Hi! I'm a full stack software engineer with a background in Indigenous language revitalization, IT, Spanish interpretation/translation and teaching language. I'm craving to collaborate on technical projects that are creatively fulfilling and advancing social justice. Big fan here of front-end design technologies especially, such as Sass and Mapbox, and I'm most interested in technology that's making a positive change in society, including human/civil/language rights, environmental protection and sustainability, .

Carlos Diaz (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
Los Angeles or Remote

I have a background in higher education, specifically academic policy and retention strategies but have transitioned into software engineering. I've made a few tools that have helped save my higher ed colleagues time. My most recent freelance work was in developing the front-end of a progressive web application that allows emergency responders to access their digitized emergency protocol manual on their mobile device.

Kaleb Lyda (he/they)

Software Engineer
Remote, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham

Hi! I'm an artist/potter turned software engineer with experience working across stacks -- primarily with Java, Javascript, React, and Node, but I'm always ready and excited to learn something new. I once had a teammate say that I'm like if Mythbusters and Bob Ross had a crossover special, which I think is spot on. I pay meticulous attention to details, experiment with intention, and I’m not easily shaken by a challenge.

Tomas Phillips (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
North Carolina, DC, remote

Hello, I am Tomás, a recent graduate from Lambda School. I'm constantly learning and trying to deepen my knowledge in all things related to computer science and software engineering. I would love to get my foot in the door to a career in tech, and hope to someday become somewhat of a wizard (AKA an expert) in my domain of knowledge! Thanks!

Anna McIntosh (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
Atlanta, GA or Remote

Full Stack Web Developer with relentless curiosity and eagerness to learn. I am passionate about finding ways to connect people to what matters to them. My background as a hospital chaplain orients me to approach every problem with the intent to listen for whose voices, experiences, and challenges are being heard - and whose aren’t. I believe technology can be a bridge between needs and resources, isolation and connection, dreams and fulfillment.

Stephanie Mitchell (She/Her/Hers)

Web Developer

I come from a retail background with over 8 years of experience in Customer Service management level, from cash handling to time management and leading a team of 75+ associates. I rediscovered my passion for technology and programming, which led me to attend Ironhack’s Web Development bootcamp. Now, I’m looking to join a great company and bring my very diverse set of skills together in the technical community. Specialties: JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, Express.js MongoDB, Mongoose, Bootstrap, HTML & CSS.

Allyson Camitta (She/Her/Hers)

Software Developer
Remote, New York, Los Angeles

I’m a full stack developer with a background in design. I received a BBA from Parsons the New School for Design in Strategic Design & Management & worked freelance in the costume department for film, before being laid off due to COVID-19. At the peak of the pandemic, I saw an opportunity to challenge myself on learning JavaScript, in hopes of continuing my passion at a different angle. This led me to complete The Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy, a 17-week immersive program for full stack web development. I am proficient in programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS,, and, and have experience in the frameworks/libraries of Express, React.js, and Node.js, PostgreSQL, and Sequelize. I am eager to learn and understand how design, community, and accessibility all intersect in the midst of the ever-growing demand for technology. I’m inspired to make an impact within my own community as well as work to make the tech field a more inclusive space.

Hanna Boorom (She/Her/Hers)

Frontend Software Engineer
Remote, Chicagoland area

Hi, I’m Hanna! I’m a full-stack software developer with a background in hospitality management, which means I know and love customers! I love creating beautiful, intuitive apps with code and I’m always hungry to learn. Let’s chat! 😊

Adetayo Alex Oladele (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
Remote / Raleigh-Durham, NC

Hey! My name is Alex, and I am a Python Developer living in Raleigh, NC. I love coding, development, and technology in general. I especially love learning new things and helping others. No challenge to too big for me, and no issue is too small. The ultimate strength that I think I can bring to any team (besides my high-energy and optimism) are pictures of my cute cat.

Marie Rosario (she/her)

UX/Product Designer
Remote, San Diego, Seattle, No preference

Hello! I'm Marie and I'm a designer! I'm an energetic individual with a passion for developing user experiences that are accessible and intuitive. With a background in education and accessibility, I hope to focus and design inclusive products that cater to my stakeholders and underserved end users. I have experience in conducting consumer research and translating collected data into design decisions while working with interdisciplinary teams. I strive to design products which provide access, inclusion and social impact. Check out my portfolio! https://marieux.com/

Ananya Kaushik (sher/her)

Software Engineer
Remote, San Francisco Bay Area

I’m a software engineer with a background in data science. I love to learn new technologies and I pick up new skills quickly to ensure I deliver high quality code, communicate technical methods effectively, and drive customer value. I’m self-driven and further motivated by collaborating and making connections with a team. In my performance reviews, my manager commended me for being a self-starter and exceeding expectations. I value honest communication and feedback, I’m committed to thoroughly executing solutions, I aim to constantly expand my skills, and I'm willing to do what it takes to meet shared goals focused on creating an impact. As I transition from data science into software engineering, I’m eager to join a team that encourages a passion for learning and growth, and I’m excited to use my new and old skills to succeed in my future role.

Sunil Shinde (He/Him/His)

Product Designer
Greater Boston, MA or Remote

8+ years of experience in Tech with a craving for better Interaction Design & Usability. Been effectively collaborating with teams and engaging appropriate stakeholders throughout the project and creating alignment.

Noel Jane Bourg (She/Her/Hers)

web developer

I’m a developer working in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java Spring MVC, Ruby on Rails, Node.js and React.js. I used to be in the health and wellness industry working in coaching and sports instruction. I’m taking my organizational and instructive skills to program web applications.

Brenton Poke (he/him)

Software engineer
Remote, Michigan

I'm a software developer with startup experience, but have hit a rough patch lately. I'm planning on a PhD in Computer Science to research at the intersection of AI and disability. Ultimately, I want to help the world, but my career thus far has not gone in a direction that has allowed me to. Hopefully an employer here will give me that chance, but so far, private industry has remained uninterested.

Linh Su (She/Her/Hers)

UX Designer

Hi! I am Linh! I’m a user-centered designer with an emphasis on follow-through and attention to detail. My background has been largely working with people from the engineering to the technology field. As a former human resources professional, I’ve learned to use my skills to understand how people work and their motivations. A creative at heart, I love implementing designs that work with users and their diverse needs. Solving problems, creating usable websites, and welcoming new challenges are some of the many things that I enjoy as a UX Designer.

Johnson Kow (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
New York City

I'm a Mechanical Engineer turned Software Engineer based out of NYC. I started my journey in software after completing my undergrad as a Mechie. My first job required me to use Python and I quickly learned that coding was something I'm incredibly interested in. Since then, I've learned full stack development and interned for a small collective where I explored frontend development using newer technologies.

Tariq Dinar (He)

Scientist - Software Engineer
Californian or Remote

• Competent scientific research experience comprising numerical analysis, the finite element, and compu- tational geometry. • Bridged optimization and software development to tackle challenges in computer aided engineering and business process management. • Continuous interest in developing web applications providing metrics and visualization on large data sets with focus in machine learning and gradient-decent optimization methodologies.

Roli Khanna (She/Her/Hers)

User Experience Researcher
Chicago, Remote

Hi! I’m a recent Computer Science master’s graduate, with two years of user research experience in academia. I’m a techie turned UX researcher, with hands-on experience in machine learning. I’m passionate about explainable AI, human centered design and chai. Hit me up if this sounds intriguing to you!

Raidis Chacon (She/Her/Hers)

Software QA Engineer

Software Engineer QA Tester certified. In-depth knowledge of the software development life cycle. Skilled at learning new concepts quickly while working well under pressure. Enjoy working as a part of a result-driven team.

Caleb Smith (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer, Web Developer
DC, Remote open for relocation

Full-Stack software developer in pursuit of my next opportunity, I am always looking to learn and grow my skill set. I have experience in JavaScript, React.Js, Node.Js as well as core Computer Science fundamentals.

Danie Karaplis (She/Her/Hers)

Product Manager

As a PM of 10 years with proven success in large and small companies alike, I've built teams and launched several products. I'm Treasurer of a women-in-tech org and I’ve done several talks at conferences and meetups. My passion is improving peoples’ lives by dissecting market problems using empathy and collaborating to build creative solutions.

Luis Pineda (He/Him/His)

Front end developer
No location preference

I am a passionate web developer who thrives in a fast-paced and progressive atmosphere. I am a creative thinker and experienced problem solver and always willing to try new things. I am self-motivated, I have a figure-it-out mentality and in my spare time, I build projects to better myself professionally.

Marcela Christina Musgrove (She/her/hers)

UX Researcher
Remote/open to relocation

I'm a UX researcher with a masters in HCI who is very involved with the UX community and eager to take on a new challenge!

Kia Gordon (She)

GRC Analyst

Hello I’m looking for an entry level position in GRC. I’m will to relocate if necessary. I have a masters degree in information Technology with a concentration in Cyber Security. I work as a cyber security analyst currently.

Massa Darwazeh (She/Her/Hers)

Data Analyst
San Francisco, Remote

Using data to tell a story is one of the most fulfilling things I do. Expertise in SQL (PostgreSQL), Tableau, Python, Excel, Salesforce Service Cloud, Jira, and Microsoft Project.

Johnny Garces (He/Him/His)

UX Designer

I'm a UX Designer with experience launching products and achieving results for early-stage startups and local government agencies. I apply concepts in human factors across all disciplines, whether it's for research or interface design. I begin with research and end with prototypes to test with users. Nice to meet you!

Brittany Crouch (She/Her/Hers)

Front End Web Developer

Entry level front end developer looking for her big break! I study Japanese, code, travel, knit, and currently work as a Financial Manger at a Non-Profit helping those living with developmental disability.

Melissa Auclaire (She/her)

Full Stack Engineer

I am a software engineer and game developer who is working in VR/AR. I also formally mentor software engineers and data analysts. I am looking for a full-time software development position.

Danny Romero (He/Him/His)

Full Stack Software Engineer
Remote/No Preference

Over the last year, I have taken the initiative to grow as a developer and break into this industry. From going through a coding bootcamp to landing a part-time position at a startup, I think I proved that I have what it takes to be a successful developer. I have learned quite a lot these last couple of months, delving more into coding topics that I would not have normally gotten the time to learn. I have been able to learn more advanced topics in React, create several projects using Ruby on Rails, and even learning some Python and Java. I believe that I have the drive, intellect, and friendly demeanor to be a successful software developer. I hope that one day, I will be able to use my coding for good and create amazing products to help people around the world.

Osha Groetz (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer

Software Engineer. Practical knowledge of ReactJS & Javascript, CSS, APIs, & Ruby On Rails. Creative thinker with a strong background in business development and start-up growth, possessing strong skills in project management, identifying and troubleshooting critical issues and team collaboration. Strong growth mind-set, coachable, collaborative, proactive, initiative-taker, and very resourceful.

Lauren Lucero (she/her)

Software Developer
Remote, Greater Boston Area

Software developer specializing in front-end engineering with a background in education and wellness. Lifelong learner and lover of humanity striving to make technology more accessible to people of all abilities and backgrounds! Colorado-born and raised, now based in Boston, Massachusetts.

N. Harley Cooper

UX Developer, product designer

I’m good at coding because I have an analytic mind. Do I want to code 24/7, no. I’m a person that love gardening, meditation, yoga, and occasionally some video games. I have a mission to make the products I produce mobile and people first because everyone, especially the youth, deserves quality software- no matter their socioeconomic position.

Christian García (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
US West Coast, Remote

An eclectic learner and caring people developer looking to drive impact, elevate others, and work with awesome people. Experience with React, Express, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. Seeking an entry-level role as a full stack or front end engineer.

Amanda De Paula (She/Her/Hers)

Web Developer
New York City, Remote

I am a web developer and a React enthusiast that loves to build accessible and minimalistic apps. I am proficient in Javascript and Ruby. Currently learning Node and Go. Looking for an entry-level position where I can contribute to an awesome team.

Esther Kang (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
Remote, DC, Seattle, LA, SD, Atlanta, Seoul

In search of an entry-level position as a Software Engineer or Frontend Engineer. Graduated from Flatiron School (coding bootcamp) in Sept 2020. Strengths include: JavaScript, React, CSS, HTML, Ruby on Rails. Open to positions in: USA (DMV, Seattle, LA/SD, Atlanta, NYC) and South Korea (Seoul, Busan, Incheon)

Sudha Kumar (She/Her/Hers)

Data Scientist / Data Engineer / Machine Learning Engineer
Remote / San Diego, CA

Aspiring Data Scientist with a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering, 10 + years of hands-on professional Software Engineering and Computer Vision experience, and 3 + years of data engineering and data analytics experience. Recently completed Springboard's Data Science Career Track growing my skills further in Python, Pandas, SQL, Matplotlib, BigData and Machine Learning.

Marjy Guery (She/Her/Hers)

Cloud Support Associate

Experienced admin & customer service professional with 10+ years of supporting Fortune 500s, small businesses, and SaaS startups. I'm currently a Tech Implementation Consultant, certified AWS Cloud Practitioner and CompTIA Security+.

Montique Stevens (He/Him/His)

Frontend Engineer
New York, Remote

I am a fully capable, compassionate, and reliable developer with experience in frontend fundamentals (HTML/CSS/JS), react, node, bootstrap, and CSS frameworks such as material design and tailwind. I am passionate about building and designing products, being a team player, and being agile in a fast paced environment.

Abigail Benjamin (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
Baltimore, MD

I am a resourceful and certified professional with Full Stack Web Development boot camp program and hands-on experience in developing, designing, and maintaining software/applications while utilizing and expanding programming skills. I also have demonstrated ability to establish and manage best practice approaches to IT operations, service delivery, and project management as well as I am skilled in strategic business goals by leading, planning, developing, and implementing technology-based solutions. I additionally possess excellent communication, time management, problem resolution, and team building/collaboration skills for continuous process improvement. I always strive to establish and maintain highly co-operative environment by uncovering and minimizing employee conflicts. I am highly proficient in programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and have experience in the frameworks/libraries of Express, React.js, and Node.js, and the MongoDB Database.

Gabrielle Morrow (She/her/Hers)

Software Engineer
No Location Preference

Dedicated, motivated Software Engineer highly regarded for project experiences in designing, developing, and delivering custom iOS/Android web applications and software solutions

Sujan Gautam (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer, Web Developer
Remote, Anywhere in US

I am from Nepal currently residing in US and actively looking for new IT opportunities! I am a full-stack developer with expertise in Java, Spring Boot, Microservices, REST API, mongo DB, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, React etc.

Lauryn Halahurich (They/Them/Theirs)

Communications Specialist

I'm a communications specialist that currently works in social media. I'm looking to move into UI/UX Design and Development. I've been working with HTML and CSS for a decade with some understanding of PHP. I also have experience with photography, videography, filmmaking and graphic design.

Lucia Cerchie (She/Her/Hers)

Web Developer
Phoenix-area or Remote

I'm a full-stack software developer from Arizona. I love diving in and learning how to create something from scratch-- from CSS hamburgers to my own ORMs. I'm fascinated with the history of computer science and I'm passionate about accessibility.

Kristy Li (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
NYC, Remote

I am a software engineer, passionate about creating and designing responsive web and mobile applications. I am also a Computer Science and Information Security graduate from John Jay College and a graduate of Fullstack Academy’s Web Development Fellowship. I believe in continuous learning, and am always learning and challenging myself.

Diana Lee (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
Bay Area & Remote

Diana is a product-driven software engineer with a front-end and full-stack focus, most recently coding in Javascript-based frameworks such as React and Node. Her technical contributions have shown up on publications like TechCrunch. Outside of work, she dedicates her time to coaching BIPOC and women.

Jocelyn James (She/her/hers)

Front-end Engineer
New York City or remote

I am a highly skilled and educated front-end engineer with expertise and international experience across multiple sectors including human rights, healthcare, and higher education. My language skills include native English, advanced French, conversational Spanish, and basic Arabic. I am actively seeking a position that will allow me to incorporate my technical abilities with my passion for human rights and advocacy.

Linda Thompson (She/Her/Hers)

Front-end Web Developer
Remote, Colorado, or West Coast

I'm a web developer with a front-end focus who loves working with JavaScript and CSS. With a customer service background in the printing and music industries, I excel at troubleshooting issues and blending creativity and logic to build tools and share ideas.

Yug Gurung (He/Him/His)

Web Developer

I am a full-stack web developer. I am UCLA-Extension, Coding Bootcamp graduate. I love solving problems in the team as well as individually. Though I have learnt a lot during the training, still there are so many things that I need to learn. I have never stopped learning. I am comfortable enough using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Express.js, React.js, MongoDB etc.

Natalia Monje-Cardona (She/Her/Hers)

Graphic and UX/UI Designer
NY, Remote

Designer with a passion for problem solving and digital design. Looking to use my extensive customer service background to better understand users and create designs that serve their needs. I have worked on Logos, Websites, Branding, Illustrations, and Product Design.

Alex Jones (She.Her)

Front End Developer

I am a Full Stack Web Developer with a background in Psychology, Bussiness, and customer service. I am a recent graduate of the NuCamp Coding Bootcamp. I am pursuing a full-time position as a Web Developer or Product Manager. I have experience working with managment as a liasian, a bit of freelance experience with clients in project based work, and have a strength in communicating and collaborating in team settings. In the workplace, I am a motivated self-starter. I excel in brainstorming\problem solving, adapting with change, and am a quick learner. I enjoy working with people who are passionate about what they do, curating and bringing new ideas to completion in practical and effective ways.

Lidia De La Cruz (She/Her)

Full Stack Web Developer
No location preference

I'm a goal-oriented, reliable individual and my mission in life is to be able to change or make an impact on someone’s life using technology. With my background in operations and education, I had a firsthand view of the need for classroom technology to enhance student learning. As a former school personnel, I have gained a curiosity in the use of technology to transform how people learn. My constant need to indulge in my curiosity and set forth challenges lead me to begin my coding journey at Grace Hopper. I seek to leverage my skills to give back to low-income communities by creating apps to close the digital divide and equity in justice.

Anna Makagonova (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
No location preference

I am a software engineer who loves design, innovation, and creating things from scratch. With my passion for amazing UI, my goal is to to build modern, user-friendly, responsive web apps. Coming from retail management background, I am able to view things from the analytical perspective and problem-solve creatively. I build full stack apps using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, best modern agile practices, test-driven development, and micro-service architecture.

Misaki Koonce (She/Her/Hers)

Frontend Engineer

I am a self-driven and frontend focused Software Engineer who care about coding. I like solving problems and deliver clean and sustainable code! Please contact me if you're looking for a passionate Software Engineer 👋

Mia Martin (She/They)

Scrum Master
Phoenix, Remote

Software Engineer with 2 years of professional experience. Certified SAFe 4Scrum Master and Safe 5 Agilist with defined skills in full stack development using Java, Docker, and Jenkins.

Mark Rivera (He/Him/His)

Web Developer

Software Engineer with experience in creating full stack web solutions and collaborating with multiple remote teams in a variety of applications. As a detail-oriented programmer, I constantly search for improvements to existing solutions while looking to implement the latest in cutting edge technologies. The future is on the web, and I want to build it together!

Cathy D'Onofrio (She/Her/Hers)

Full Stack Developer
New York / Remote

I'm a full stack developer based in Brooklyn, NY. My primary stack is ReactJS and Ruby on Rails. My education at the Flatiron School provided me with a strong foundation that allows me to learn new languages and frameworks quickly.

Abdullah Budri

Software Engineer
Remote, VA, DC

Software Engineer with professional Ruby/Rails experience, as well as DevOps. Extensive training in backend in Ruby at Launch School

Ebony S. Johnson (She/Her/Hers)

UX Designer

Hello there! 👋🏾 My name is Ebony and I'm an Entry-level UX Designer passionate about inclusivity and brand identity. I was drawn to UX design after creating digital assets in the public sector. From there, I've worked on freelance design projects creating websites for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Clients describe me as empathetic, creative and personable.

Heather Cooper (She/Hers/Hers)

Web Developer

Motivated Entry-Level Full Stack Web Developer leveraging an architecture background and a certificate in full-stack development from the University of Denver. I’ve worked on multiple group projects honing skills in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React.js, MERN, SQL, and responsive web design. From my previous work history and education, I’ve established much of the interpersonal skills to work in a team environment or independently. Some of these abilities include adaptability, communication, and problem-solving. I would like to continue to fully utilize these collaborative and teamwork skills that I’ve acquired over the past 6+ years while continuing honing in the technical skills as a web developer. Looking to be part of a team that can provide challenging and positive experiences with growth opportunities.

Medhir Bhargava (He / Him)

Software Engineer
Seattle / Remote

Product-oriented software engineer. My experience spans a breadth of different technical disciplines, with in-depth experience building end-to-end applications for the web. I use Go and Javascript most regularly for both professional / personal work. I have also gained experience with cloud infrastructure / DevOps oriented work over the past couple years.

Suraj Pokhrel (He/Him/His)

Web Developer

Hi! My name is Suraj Pokhrel & I'm currently seeking for entry level position where I can learn and grow. To be honest, I don't care much about salary. What I need is Industrial exposure & real world experience.

Jessica Shakarian (She/her)

Web Designer/Developer
Los Angeles, CA or remote

I am web developer who is knowledgable in HTML/CSS and JavaScript. I have a 10 years of experience as a writer, and am interested in writing software documentation.

Miya Schacht (She / Her / Hers)

Technical Project / Program Manager
Remote / Seattle

I am a project manager with experience in Education, Customer Service, and Support Engineering. I've recently obtained the CAPM certification and I will pursue the PMP next. I am a driven, self-motivated PM that focuses on delivering quality work.

Will Little (He/Him/His)

Data Analyst
Remote, TN, but open-minded to other locations

Once a serial academic, pursuing knowledge of all things that drive my passion for business, law, music, and data. Now, I’m a certified Data Analyst, dedicating my professional career to leveraging my knowledge and converting data into insightful stories. With such an unconventional background, I have the ability to interpret, analyze, and process information from a diverse perspective, which ultimately enables me to optimize my potential at any given task. I am detail-oriented and driven by results that foster intelligence, growth, and success. In the words of a wise unknown, “An [individual] who believes that all things are possible, approaches the unconventional with an open mind and a fearless heart.”

Vida Torres (She/Her/Hers)

Remote or Washington, D.C.

Hi there! I am an educator turned UX/UI Product Designer and I am excited for my next career opportunity in design! I am very passionate about education and diversity in design. I have a background in art, museums, and education advising and teaching, and I'm looking to leverage my experiences working within cultural and educational spaces to develop and create digital products that reflect and express diverse perspectives.

Emily Marinaro (She/Her/Hers)

Full Stack Developer
Remote or PST

Technology Agnostic Developer who loves tough challenges! Only thing I love equally is coffee and the outdoors.

Juan David Campolargo (He/Him/His)

Systems Engineer
No location preference

I'm Juan David Campolargo, and I'm an ambitious engineering student who will use his skills and knowledge as a world-class engineer to build the future.

Zachary Fetters (He/Him/His)

Web Developer
Remote, Eastern Kentucky

I am a freelance and self-taught web designer and developer of close to 8 years. I’m fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I’m knowledgeable in front-end design and deployment, with a focus for detail and web accessibility.

Sofia Javed (she/her)

Fullstack Software Developer
No preference

While working on human rights foreign policy and foreign assistance, I was inspired by the innovative work I saw happening at the nexus of technology and human rights. I decided to learn software engineering and development so that I, too, could create projects with code and contribute to technological innovations aimed at improving human rights and governance in the United States and around the world. I love the opportunities for continuous learning that come with software development. I'm currently a fullstack developer specializing in Javascript and the NERDS stack, and I'm looking forward to exploring new technologies. Technological Skills: Javascript, Node.js, Express, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, React, Redux, HTML, CSS, Git, GitHub, Webpack, Socket.io, Heroku, Travis CI, Mocha/Chai, Synaptic.js, Brain.js, Phaser GitHub: github.com/sofjaved Security Clearance: Secret I'm also a comedian: www.sofiajaved.com

Kristen Monnik (She/Her/Hers)

Front-End Developer

Hello! I’m a front-end developer, with experience in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Figma, and Git/GitHub. I’m open to learning new languages and frameworks, and I’m frequently adding projects to my portfolio.

Pratishtha Singh (She/Her/Hers)

Product Owner
Remote, New York City, San Francisco, Nashville, Hyderabad, Delhi, open to relocating elsewhere...

I am looking to continue building my career in Product Development as a Product Owner or Product Manager. Although my academic background is anchored in Civil Engineering and Journalism, I began working for myself while I was in college, which led me into Product Consulting. I later founded two startups of my own and have since worked as a Technical Writer, Business Analyst, and Product Owner for government and corporate accounts, as well as a startup. I was laid off most recently from the startup but left on great terms with a strong recommendation from my boss there. While it's great that I am independently motivated and can work well alone, I am also an excellent team player! This can be evidenced whether I'm playing a game of pickup basketball (pre-pandemic) or participating in a team brainstorming session for work.

John Fajardo (He/Him/His)

Frontend developer
New York or remote

Frontend engineer obsessed with building tools to make everyone’s job easier.

Cindy Kei (She/Her/Hers)

Web Developer
Flexible on location, including: NYC; CA; Austin, TX; Charlotte, NC

I am a highly motivated, adaptable, and detail-oriented Fullstack Software Engineer who is passionate about creating social change and making a difference through innovative, powerful technologies. I have experience in e-commerce, sales, and customer service and have a proven track record in driving sales and delivering results. I am driven by the opportunity to use my technical and people skills to make an impact on peoples' lives and to deliver the best user experience. I am looking to join a forward-thinking company where I can utilize my strong problem solving, communication, and critical thinking skills in order to help create thoughtful, intelligent solutions that make an impact on people's lives.

Emmanuel Owusu (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
Remote, NYC, Philadelphia

I am Emmanuel, a Software Engineer with experience in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, and so on. I have a background in Physics and Design Engineering, and I enjoy writing tests.

Ayman Baig (She/Her/Hers)

User Researcher
NYC, DC, VA, Remote

I am currently a UX research program manager and I’m looking for entry-level user research positions. I have a background in academic psychology research as well as clinical cancer research so I will be able to jump into research projects very easily.

Brionna Jordan (She/Her/Hers)

Data Analyst
Remote/ Atlanta, GA

Analytical professional with hands-on solid experience in updating and maintaining data records. Skilled in developing expert level knowledge and understanding of Python, Data Analysis, and Visualization. Accustomed to working in fast-paced time- sensitive environment to achieve results. Possess the ability to recognize and address problems with the appropriate sense of urgency and mediation from onset to resolution. Proficient in Microsoft Excel, SQL, and Jira.

Haneiro Perez (He/Him/His)

Software Engineer
New York (Remote)

I am a software engineer who has participated in several community service roles. My previous postions included fundraising ambassador, development intern, coding tutor, and ESL instructor. Now, I am contrbiting to a few tech spaces as a dev-ops engineer, data analyst, and machine learning researcher.

Irene Scott (She/Her/Hers)

Software Engineer
No location preference

Software engineer experienced in Rails and JavaScript based programming with a background in tech support and agriculture. I’m enthusiastic, team-oriented, a quick learner, and an excellent communicator. I'm willing to relocate for employment.

Rebecca Nguyen (She/Her)

Software Engineer

Hello! I’m Rebecca, a software engineer who loves to learn and build fast, scalable applications for developers. Most recently I built Haven to abstract away the complexity and overhead of secrets management, especially within serverless and microservice architectures. I have multiple years of experience working in the Ruby and JavaScript ecosystems, along with the cloud.

Ai Yolanda Nakamura Escobar (They/Them/Theirs)

Web Developer
South Bay Area

Hello there! My name is Ai 😊 I am an all around programmer whose current interest is front end and UI/UX. I've also done backend with MySQL and CLI. When I'm not coding, I do leadership and mentorship esp for queer youth :) I'm looking forward to taking my passions to a place where I can learn, grow, and continue contributing to the world at large

Jessie Ma (She/Her/Hers)

Product Designer

I recently graduated with a Bachelors of Design and am now seeking my next design opportunity. I am currently interning at XBoost, experimenting with VR physical therapy solutions and was previously a Product Design Intern at Uber. As a lupus warrior, I am passionate about disability advocacy, healthcare, and education. Let's connect!