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Logo of Hello Web Books by Tracy Osborn

Hello Web Books by Tracy Osborn

Really friendly beginner web books by Tracy Osborn.

Hello Web Design - Learn design fundamentals, a tiny bit of theory, and a ton of shortcuts to help you learn design.

Hello Web App - Everything you need to build and grow your first web app. Create a web app and make it a success.

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Logo of CV Compiler

CV Compiler

The fastest way to improve your tech resume. Use discount code DiversifyTech for 20% off

Logo of DrawSQL


Create beautiful entity relationship diagrams to visualize & plan your database architecture.

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Logo of Modern Web Development by Flavio Copes

Modern Web Development by Flavio Copes

More than 1250 pages of tutorials and guides! 📚 I talk about JavaScript, React, Vue.js, Node.js, modern CSS, the Web Platform and Browser APIs, Service workers, Progressive Web Apps, Animations, Dev Tools like Webpack and others, GraphQL, deployments, and a lot more!

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Logo of Sjabloon


Flying start for Ruby on Rails makers.

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Logo of The UX Compendium

The UX Compendium

A cohesive set of Sketch templates and libraries for quickly creating personas, scenarios, wireframes, flows, and more. Save 25% (even on top of periodic sales) with the code: DIVERSIFYTECH

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