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Logo of Hello Web Books by Tracy Osborn

Hello Web Books by Tracy Osborn

Really friendly beginner web books by Tracy Osborn.

Hello Web Design - Learn design fundamentals, a tiny bit of theory, and a ton of shortcuts to help you learn design.

Hello Web App - Everything you need to build and grow your first web app. Create a web app and make it a success.

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Logo of Intro to AWS for Newbies by Hiro Nishimura

Intro to AWS for Newbies by Hiro Nishimura

Introduction to AWS for beginners. Explore the history and fundamentals of Cloud Computing and AWS, how to create an AWS account and much more.

The eBook also contains printable study resources to help you begin studying for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

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Logo of DrawSQL


Create beautiful entity relationship diagrams to visualize & plan your database architecture.

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Logo of MakeCreate


Engineering and coding project subscriptions for kids age 11 and up.

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Logo of Modern Web Development by Flavio Copes

Modern Web Development by Flavio Copes

More than 1250 pages of tutorials and guides! 📚 I talk about JavaScript, React, Vue.js, Node.js, modern CSS, the Web Platform and Browser APIs, Service workers, Progressive Web Apps, Animations, Dev Tools like Webpack and others, GraphQL, deployments, and a lot more!

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Logo of Sjabloon


Flying start for Ruby on Rails makers.

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Logo of The UX Compendium

The UX Compendium

A cohesive set of Sketch templates and libraries for quickly creating personas, scenarios, wireframes, flows, and more. Save 25% (even on top of periodic sales) with the code: DIVERSIFYTECH

Logo of egghead


Access the entire egghead library of courses and lessons.

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