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We’re building products to improve the lives of people in emerging markets by making it easier to send them money. Our web portal and API helps: non-profits provide assistance to people living in poverty, agricultural firms pay farmers for their crops, and gig economy startups pay workers—and there are many more opportunities for impact.

Segovia Technologies is hiring for the following roles:


Our mission as a company is to promote financial inclusion in emerging markets. We think that focus on inclusion should be reflected within our company too.

To that end we:

  • Have been doing a variety of trainings as a company and additional ones for the management team to decrease unconscious bias, better model and elevate good behavior, and develop a humane and inclusive interviewing process
  • Have worked to reduce salary inequity by anchoring to the market and minimizing negotiation
  • Have a clear level ladder to reduce promotion bias and provide actionable feedback on how to move through it
  • Have reasonable and flexible hours that can adapt to people's lives
  • Have an open culture that emphasizes learning and improving as a team
  • Operate an international company that includes folks in the DRC, Nigeria,  Rwanda, and the UK and we work with partners in dozens of countries. To do this well we have to be think inclusively.

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