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Cquence is a venture-backed, seed stage startup accelerating video creation for the 50 million creators who earn a living online today.

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As we've begun hiring, we've ensured to prioritize our diversity and inclusion efforts. Here are several examples:

1) We sourced paid interns in 2020 from the CUNY 2X Tech Talent Pipeline, hiring women and people of color. We are currently sourcing for full-time hiring here as well.

2) We prioritized including investors to join our seed round with a focus on diversity and inclusion efforts like Gaingels and Diversity Angels.

3) We’re scaling our engineering team, and the majority of our hiring budget is dedicated to diverse and inclusive sourcing from communities like Diversity Tech.

4) We’ve emphasized opportunities for neurodiverse candidates, and our currently-employed sales associate who is building our lead generation pipeline is diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Sourcing candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds continues to be important to us -- it’s something we think independently matters and will help us succeed as we build a diverse creator community.

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