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WellSaid Labs

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On a mission to develop AI for Good, WellSaid Labs developed a breakthrough AI algorithm that creates synthetic, realistic speech from text. Creatives around the globe use their Studio to create trainings for COVID-19 frontline workers, to design unique YouTube experiences, and to narrate indie audiobooks.

WellSaid Labs is hiring for the following roles:


We are committed to building AI for Good, and we cannot do so without a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. Our small team of 11 people believes actions mean more than words. Here are some actions we are proud of:

  • Our team of 11 has 9 parents that have had 4 new kids recently! To support them and everyone else, we offered flexible work hours, fully remote work, 3 months of parental leave, comprehensive health care, 401k plans, competitive salaries, vacation policy/paid time off, and a learning stipend. Please let us know if there are any benefits or accommodations you need for any reason.
  • We have prioritized running a fair and unbiased interview process. As part of that effort, we have partnered with Karat to conduct our initial interviews. Among the many benefits of Karat, you'll be able to schedule your interview at any time of day including weekends and working hours. Also, you'll be able to request a REDO interview for any reason. If there are preparations we can make to help ensure you have a comfortable and positive interview experience, please let us know.
  • Our leadership team is committed to building an ethical and sustainable business. As part of that commitment, we have rejected business from companies that would have misused our technology. We have been proactive about anticipating and mitigating the potential harmful uses of our technology. We have been investing in DEI since the company was founded from writing inclusive job descriptions to offering equitable employee benefits.

With a fresh round of funding, we are hiring engineering leaders to scale our AI for Good efforts. Thank you!

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