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Green River

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Green River creates software to promote public health, help people with housing, protect the environment, and improve public education.

Green River is hiring for the following roles:


Join us if you want to focus on addressing the COVID pandemic, climate change, substance use disorder, homelessness and lack of affordable housing, unemployment and underemployment, and poor public education. We use our tech skills to make an impact through a global and varied set of client projects. Our company provides excellent benefits, satisfying work-life balance, options for partial and fully remote work, and a culture of ownership — ALL staff are genuine team members who contribute significantly, and everyone retains substantial control over their own work. We are a talented, humble, welcoming, warmhearted group that cares deeply about the work we do — and that we all succeed together. And, while the work can be intense and challenging, we never fail to make each other laugh — every day.

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