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Financing + Payments Infrastructure for the $300B Commercial Insurance Market

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Ascend is committed to creating and fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. This is not just because it's "something we should do" but because we deeply believe a diverse workplace that team members from underrepresented backgrounds results in a better, stronger business and culture. Here are some ways we're committed to building such a workplace:

  • We have DE&I hiring goals and metrics that we track closely to ensure underrepresented and diverse candidates are sourced and recruited first so they are at the top of the hiring funnel. We discuss these weekly just like all of our other KPIs. We post jobs to places like People of Color in Tech, Include, and Diversify Tech first.
  • We work closely with external resources and our investors who share the same commitment to diversity to implement best practices to foster a welcoming, inclusive culture.
  • We help identify and fund activities, resources, and support opportunities for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. Examples include FirstRound Fast Track program and FirstMark Guilds.

If you need assistance or accommodation due to a disability, you may contact us at

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