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American Civil Liberties Union

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The ACLU dares to create a more perfect union — beyond one person, party, or side. Our mission is to realize this promise of the United States Constitution for all and expand the reach of its guarantees. We work to defend and expand civil rights and liberties – for everyone. Whether we’re arguing in the courts, leading campaigns, advocating in communities, growing our supporter and follower base, building new tech platforms, and managing people and budgets, our employees engage in meaningful work that advances our mission.

American Civil Liberties Union is hiring for the following roles:


ACLU EDIB vision

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are core values of the ACLU and central to all ACLU initiatives. We honor our collective responsibility to create a culture of belonging for all within our organization - one that respects and embraces difference; treats people equitably; and empowers staff to do the best work possible, fostering creativity, capacity, and growth. As an ACLU community, we commit ourselves to the crucial and consistent work of interrogating our own privileges, biases, actions, and assumptions as we engage with our colleagues with transparency, humility, and grace. This model not only transforms our work environment, but furthers our organizational ability to advance equality, justice, and liberty. We believe We the People means all of us.


Transparency: If we don’t name it, we can’t change it.
Humility: Acknowledge our challenges, abandon perfectionism, take risks, course correct, and grow together. 
Charitable Assumption: Offer extraordinary grace to ourselves and others. 


  • Bi-weekly EDIB discussions led by rotating members of the team to discuss and plan on areas such as hiring, psychological safety, raising equity questions, fostering a sense of belonging, etc.
  • "Leader U", a professional development program specifically designed to support the advancement and leadership of underrepresented staff.
  • Mentorship programs, both an internal mentorship program and an external mentorship program (eg connect early-career staff to external senior-career staff of a similar identity that can serve as coaches and guides)
  • Explicit EDIB goals and actions built into our semi-annual team goals processes
  • Employee Resource Groups for many different identities (eg AAPI, Disability, etc.) and experiences (eg early-career, caregivers, etc). 15+  ERGs and growing.

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