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Nomadic is a digital academy that teaches people to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

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Our purpose at Nomadic is to build the best online education in the world, serving a global population that is infinitely diverse. And we recognize that we can’t fulfill that unless we have our own house in order.

We're making specific efforts within our organization to improve our hiring practices to bring on more team members from non-white backgrounds in all areas of our business. A more diverse team is essential to the success of the organization and the fulfillment of our purpose. A more diverse team also means better content and services that serve a wider audience with a broader range of viewpoints.

Here are a few other things we’re doing to address issues of diversity and inclusion outside of our hiring practices:

We are building new learning programs with the express purpose of kickstarting companies to actively dismantle systemic racism within their organizations, created in partnership with experts who are already leading this work. Our first program, aimed at training HR professionals and managers to both understand and lead this work, will launch in 2021.

We are offering our management and leadership content to organizations working in the Black Lives Matter movement, as well organizations working for equality and access to education worldwide, with the aim of giving these leaders more tools to further their work.

As an organization, we offer our skills, time, and money to non-profits around the world, with 12 days of paid annual leave per employee for volunteering activities and annual donations to non-profits equal to 5% of the total employee bonuses our staff receive each year

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