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Sustaio, the sustainable habits app, makes sustainable living easy & empowering to help people live a more circular lifestyle.

We are on a mission to empower the individual as a key stakeholder in the circular economy by making sustainability an easy daily practice.

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Sustaio is a women-founded climate-tech company.

At Sustaio we aim to build our tech team with intention, to prosper diversity, equity and inclusion. One of our main goals with our initiative is to bring interconnectivity to the forefront to shine a light on just how important inclusion is to ensure this world thrives. That is exactly how we intend to build our team.

These are the guiding principles that we grow by:

Empathy: for all living and nonliving things on earth.

Diversity: always embrace cultural, ethnic, and biological diversity to create environments of prosperity, contrast, and complement.

Awareness: of the impacts of one’s action on others and self.

Curiosity: of all things and how they interact with each other. Strive to live in an environment of continual learning and growth.

Effort: towards giving a shit and making responsible choices. Effort towards inflection and action. Effort towards the work you do to create an effective outcome.

Humility: towards the unknown. Comfortable with shifting opinions and best practices. Live at the intersection of innovation and sustainability.

Responsibility: take responsibility for one’s impact on others and self. Use responsibility of self to guide decisions.

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