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Carbon Robotics

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Carbon Robotics, a Seattle-based agricultural robotics startup founded in 2018, builds innovative agricultural tools that empower farmers to operate more efficiently. Carbon Robotics’ revolutionary, high-precision laserweeding leverages sophisticated AI technology to improve crop quality, provide safer working conditions for farmers, reduce overall costs associated with modern farming, and create sustainable paths to regenerative and organic farming. The company launched its first product, the Autonomous LaserWeeder, in April 2021, raised a Series B round in September 2021, and revealed its new LaserWeeder implement in February 2022.

What’s it like working at Carbon Robotics? We are a no-nonsense team of passionate people with a bias for action. We know that our ability to execute on our ideas is what sets us apart. We do what we say we are going to do, externally and internally. We trust our people to act independently and make practical, real-world decisions.

Are you ready to work with us on new technologies that solve real problems in our food supply?

Carbon Robotics is hiring for the following roles:


We are a start up who believe in diversity and inclusion because it is the right thing to do and is the type of future we want to build toward. As a first step , we are implementing our D & I strategy which is to create an environment where those of all ages, races ,classes , ethnicities, gender identities or expressions, nationalities, cultures, faiths , neurotypes and backgrounds can feel welcome and experience a sense of belonging.

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