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Experience as Medicine for Psychedelic Therapy

Wavepaths is hiring for the following roles:


We create therapeutic experiences for people with depression, PTSD and other serious clinical conditions. These patients come from all different backgrounds, and it is fundamentally important that we as Wavepaths reflect that diversity. After all, how can we provide personalized medicinal experiences when we ourselves are culturally, ethnically and experientially homogeneous? 

What we do already:
- Ensuring that for every hire we spend the extra effort finding diverse candidates

- One of the hiring criteria is "Perspective", meaning that if a candidate comes from a background or experience that is different from what we already have
- Holding bi-weekly product retros that include the question "what can we do to make you feel better supported?". Company-wide retros are every other month

- We hold a diversity and inclusion townhall, so everyone is aware of the importance, their own unconscious biases and actions we can take to make it better
- Our co-founder is female

- Our therapists hold us accountable on diversity

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