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Dispo aims to restore joy to the experience of photography. In fact, we aim to restore joy to modern life. We are not shocked that our love for the delight and surprise of disposable cameras is fun for everyone. A digital disposable camera experience allows us to reclaim our lives from our phones. Waiting for developed photos is like Christmas morning, and it allows us to use cameras to live in the moment and tell stories again. Our goal is to become the world’s home for photography’s ultimate purpose: storytelling and connection making.

Come join the team and live a little- or a lot.

-Team Dispo

Dispo is hiring for the following roles:


Dispo is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse environment starting with our app and extending to our staff which comprises of majority women and people of color. We aim to create a safe environment where people can truly be themselves and shift away from the perfectionism associated with other forms of social media. If you agree with this mission, come join our team!

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