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Scholar Fund

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We connect community needs to opportunities and resources.

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Our goal in everything we do, from building for the communities we’re a part of to reflecting those practices for each employee, we focus on creating spaces where each individual can show up whole and supported. At a fundamental level we challenge the traditional infrastructures never built for us to build an environment that adapts to new ways of support. This includes individualized work set up allocations to equip each staff member with the tools they need, a truly flexible PTO set up with mandatory minimums and periodic follow ups from leadership for any staff not taking enough vacation, and expanding benefits for true comprehensive care.
With the nature of the organization we’re building, the problems we’re tackling, and the communities we’re serving we’re enriched by building a business for folks who come from where we come from and understand that the pressures of the world don’t magically stop when we go to work. That we can build a business that supports each of our staff to thrive in spaces not built for them with the full support of our organization. We look at inclusion at both an individual and organization level ensuring each person and their unique experiences are incorporated into the fabric of our organization and how we can make structural changes that directly support the intersecting identities we bring with us.

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