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We're project management without all the management. Shortcut is built by our software team for your software team.

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Shortcut is a company that truly values fostering an inclusive and diverse environment for all employees. While we are not as diverse as we would like to be overall, we've worked hard and continue to work hard to create a culture that is inclusive of every employee regardless of background. We understand that being inclusive is more than just cultural events and celebrations, and more about creating an environment that allows everyone to know they making an impact and can grow here.

Our tech team has developed a skills matrix for their departments and managers have regular 1:1s with reports to help them develop, outside of performance review time. We value promoting and hiring internally for senior level roles; two of our three engineering managers are people of color and were interally promoted. We also value flexible working, being remote friendly/first since the beginning and are family friendly. It is understood that life happens, and we have an open vacation policy to help with this. We also offer extra company holidays in the summer in order to ensure that our employees are getting time off to relax and avoid burnout.

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