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William Mena

I'm a Developer with a wide range of skills and experiences. I'm a team player and one of the most hard working people you'll ever meet.

About Me
My name is William Mena. I am a graduate of the Flatiron School where I received my professional training in becoming a Full Stack engineer. In addition to my software development studies, I have a extensive background in the Post Production world which compliments my coding knowledge.
Though somewhat new to the field, I am a very hardworking and dedicated person who holds a mindset of “there is always more to learn”. Supportive of said mindset, I'm currently learning more Algorithm/Data structures to help my programming knowledge. In the video world we have to consistently learn how to do the new thing or replicate the new style to stay relevant so having to do that in the Programming world is a natural continuation of my former occupation. Learning and evolving in software development has lead me to be a participant in the Grow with Google Udacity Android Basic Nanodegree program, as a means of educating myself even further. This is a minor indicator of my level of passion and enthusiasm for software development.
I'm looking for
A team whom I can learn a lot from. My main goal is to grow as an engineer and truly learn how to benefit my peers and the customers I would be making my product for.
Software Engineer, Web Developer, Full Stack, Front end

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