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Waqar Mohammad

After graduating with a Law Degree, I decided to stick with my passion for software engineering through self-learning. I work with Javascript and PHP

About Me
I graduated with a Law degree and found my way in to software, and since then have been passionately self-learning. Recently I have been working through FreeCodeCamp modules, a couple of small personal projects and blogging my learning journey.
I bring with me life experience working as a retail manager, running a business for close to a decade, logical thinking learned as part of Law, and most of all a desire to succeed. I'm looking for an environment that can help me grow as a person and an engineer. In return I can guarantee a dedicated and loyal asset to the company.
I'm looking for
An ethical and socially responsible company who supports their employees and respects work/life balance.
Web developer

U.K., Europe, Remote

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