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Vipul Gupta

I am an Open-Source Python developer, co-organizer of PyDelhi, speaker and ex-GSoC student '18 & '19. I love outreach, interacting with people, apple juice and closing issues on Github.

About Me
Hello folks,
Since I recall, I have been a keen learner right from school able to ideate theories into practical,
feasible ideas. With implementations that were able to solve problems of society. At the age of 15, I worked on the idea of synthesizing low-cost cancer prevention medicament from antioxidant-rich potato peels with the potential of helping millions.
From that day forward, my mind has been popping with unique ideas to help, to save and to optimize. From winning hackathons both at home and abroad with community-driven ideas solving humanity's gravest problems. To sharing my knowledge and experiences as a presenter and speaker in countless meetups and international conferences since 18 years of age. I have been working tirelessly in my field looking for opportunities.
If you like a practical, skilled developer with a unique set of soft skills and a genuine love for talking to people. Someone who can pick up the pace, increase the productivity of the team and learn on the go. Then, give me a shot. I promise you won't regret it.
I'm looking for
My company filter is quite simple.
--> Python (Any type of work, be it development, Data Science, ML/AI, automation, processing, etc.)
--> Remote (visas are hard, and I know)
--> Open-Souce (if the company works in any OSS or FOSS environment then a big +++)
Python Developer, DevRel

Remote + No preference

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