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Vincent Garcia

I am a Full-Stack Engineer with a specialty in the MERN Stack. I am eager to learn any technology to create a customer-orientated product or service.

About Me
My first experience as a Full-Stack developer was with the smart, vending machine startup NeighborNosh Inc. I worked closely with the CEO, CTO, and Lead Developer to redesign the UI and UX for contract jobs. The company's clients include a major streaming-service company and a leading beverage company. I dedicated time at the office and on weekends to pair-programmer with the team to meet tight deadlines. The Lead Developer and I one time managed to redesign the UI in a few hours before a demonstration. My contribtuitons with NeighborNosh helped the company fund close to $100,000 during early stage of operations.
I'm looking for
I am looking for a company that provides a flexible work schedule with the opportunity to work remote. I enjoy collaboration with a development team to learn from each other's ideas. I prefer an environment where all ideas are welcome to the table. I like for my next role to be an opportunity to learn and grow as a developer as I experience the company to grow. I like to be compensated based on my contribution to the company.
Full-Stack Developer, Front End Engineer, Web Developer, UI/UX Developer, Backend Engineer

Los Angeles, Santa Monica, or Remote

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