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Vanessa Rigaud

Veteran and clinician turned UX designer, passionate about helping people and solving problems using human-centered design methodologies.

About Me
I worked for 13 years in the healthcare industry as an occupational therapist while managing multiple creative side hustles before I decided to embark on the User Experience Design Immersive course at GA. It was the perfect culmination of skills I had acquired as a problem solver in the healthcare space with the creative outlet that my hobbies provided. I've also been extremely interested in the tech industry for years.
During the immersive course I learned how to use the design thinking process to create digital solutions that solved user pain points in a delightful way. The course helped me to blend the skills of my previous career and apply it to the tech space to create user-centered products. I was able to develop my skills in user research, rapid ideation, prototyping, and visual design while providing impactful solutions to real-world clients.
I'm looking for
I am incredibly passionate about healthcare and veteran advocacy, and would love the opportunity to work on these kinds of projects.
UX Designer

Washington D.C.

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