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Vaibhav Singh

A open source contributor & python developer who is always curious about new technologies and love to convert an idea into a product. Always working on multiple personal projects and each project completion gives me a motivation to start another. Right now fasciated towards cross platform apps, so learning flutter. Looking for awesome opportunity and developers to work with.

About Me
I am Vaibhav Singh and one of my first and foremost passion in life is the technique. So I took my first programming course at the
age of sixteen. Later, I developed my passion more deeply through undergraduate studies in computer science. During this period
I learned a lot about new technologies and using knowledge and enthusiasm, I worked on some cool projects. Also, I am selected
for Google Summer Of Code to contribute in FOSSASIA projects and a finalist winner in Codeheat Competition. Also, I had completed my internship with AWS as a Solution Architect intern. I am proud and love the contributions I made so far in AWS.
I'm looking for
Opportunity to learn more, awesome team who take care and have collaborative environment and awesome work culture.
Software Engineer, Full Stack Web Developer

No preference

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