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Tilia Bell

I am a graduate of Hackbright Academy coding bootcamp specializing in full-stack web applications. I am a self starter, who loves to learn and grow skills, as well a passionate community organizer, focusing on building positive, supportive communities.

About Me
I started my journey into coding with a few online Python and JavaScript tutorials, and self-driven projects, and moved on from there to graduate Hackbright Academy coding bootcamp. My interest in coding came when I realized something about my programmer friends—they all love their jobs! The challenges, the collaboration, and most of all, their missions. Over the past several years, my mission has been to be a problem-solver, community organizer, and system builder for this network.
I love a challenge that stretches my brain, and which demands grit and persistence. Finally being let off the leash during our final project in bootcamp was the highlight of the whole experience. Due to my love of organization, I decided to make a productivity to-do app. One of the biggest challenges I faced during this project was also the most rewarding when my deep-drive into Stack Overflow finally led me to the solution; I was one of only two people in my cohort to attempt to use React.js in my final project, and successfully implemented both server-side rendering as well as React Router.
I'm looking for
I got into coding because I wanted to amplify my impact on the world, and so I want to work for a company that is mission-driven, and small enough that I can make a big impact. I'm interested in companies that are mature enough that they have an established workflow and structure. More than 50 employees would be ideal.
My dream role allows me to work closely with other engineers, and wear many different hats.
Full-Stack Software Engineer, Back-End Software Engineer, Front-End Software Engineer

SF Bay Area

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