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Theda Rogers

I'm a new Android developer, with my first from-scratch app published. I'm currently learning Kotlin, and I'm excited to learn as much as I can about everything! In my past life I was a proofreader and copywriter.

About Me
I'm passionate about learning everything I can get my hands on, and I have a strong desire to stick with a company long term.
I began learning Android development over a year ago, I completed an Android Basics Nanodegree with Udacity/Google, I just published my first app in the Google Play Store, and I’m ready to join a team that can use a junior Android developer who is an enthusiastic learner with a solid educational foundation.
I’ve continued my education by working through Head First Java, Head First Android Development, Head First Kotlin, and I'm starting The Big Nerd Ranch Android Programming. I also read articles, newsletters, and blogs about programming.
My experience includes over 15 years of professional copywriting and editing, as well as a degree in biology and some law school education. I have a wealth of experience that would be an asset to your team.
I'm looking for
My dream company would be one that values experience and education while also prioritizing helping employees learn. I prefer a role that allows for remote work at least occasionally, and one that has flexible start and end times that allow developers to maximize their productivity.
Android developer

Metro Atlanta, Remote, Marietta GA

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