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Tanja Medic

Designer with 6 years of designing user experiences, 9 years of building interfaces, and 11 years of hands on knowledge building Web sites and applications for various industries. Responsive Design: 5 years; Mobile Design: 2 years; Web Design: 11 years.

About Me
I'm a designer with a creative and technical background. I have a bachelor's degree in journalism and a master's degree in applied IT. Throughout my work history, I’ve had a chance to create graphics, illustrations, Web sites and applications, and I’ve had a chance to participate in many digital projects.
During the last year, I was helping Care Innovations make usable medical products. Before that, I had worked for Emergency Services, the city’s government agency where I had all kinds of responsibilities, including user research and design strategy, wireframing, prototyping, stakeholder, user and tech testing.
To learn more about my design work, please visit my portfolio:
I'm also bilingual; I speak English and Bosnian. I currently live in Louisville, KY.
UX Designer, UX Researcher, Product Designer, Design Lead etc.


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