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Tana Joseph

I am a South African astronomer, science communicator and entrepreneur.

About Me
I am a trained astronomer with experience in data collection, cleaning, analysis, visualisation and statistics. I have studied and worked in South Africa, the UK and the US. This has given me a great deal of exposure to, and knowledge of, working with geographically and culturally diverse teams with varied skill sets.
I am an excellent public speaker with a passion for communicating insights on science and technology to technical and non-technical audiences.
I have combined my research career with my science communication experience to establish my own science communications and consulting company, AstroComms. At AstroComms we seek to bridge the gap between science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) stakeholders and the public and media. By assisting STEM practitioners to effectively communicate their research to the public and policymakers, we can work to ensure that STEM is accessible, enjoyable and impactful for everyone.
I'm looking for
Often, there is a gap in communication between technical teams and clients, funders and senior management. I enjoy working with teams and individuals to help them communicate and showcase their work and thereby foster understanding between stakeholders.
My research career has given me experience in science and technology and my science engagement and communication work has given me the ability to translate complex technical concepts to non-expert audiences. I believe that my background would allow me to work as a communications facilitator between various technical and non-technical stakeholders, fostering understanding, trust and increased productivity within an organisation.
Public speaker, science/technical consultant, data consultant, science/technical communications

Manchester, UK; remote

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