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Stephanie Orpilla

I am a creative engineer passionate about data-driven, multidisciplinary approaches to problem-solving.

About Me
Lately, I've been fascinated by the potential of AI and machine learning and was recently accepted into Facebook's PyTorch Scholarship Challenge. Since then I've been studying convolutional and recurrent neural networks while building, training, and deploying powerful deep learning models with PyTorch. Whether I am building software, training a neural network, or trying something entirely new, I love the challenge of creating elegant solutions while learning by doing.
Current Side Projects:
- Alexa Skills and Google Actions (publishing soon!)
- Native California Plant Species Image Recognition
I'm always open to opportunities to collaborate and I love meeting new people. Let's grab a coffee!
I'm looking for
mentorship and somewhere I can make an impact!
Software Developer, Software Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, AI Engineer, Data Scientist

Los Angeles

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