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Shubhangi Gupta

Passionate Quick Learner Designer Coder Loves to volunteer and manage events

About Me
I am an active volunteer in technical communities like GDG New Delhi, WTM, Girlscript Foundation, PyLadies Delhi and Anita Borg Delhi.
Advocates sharing while learning.
As the core member of Developer Student Clubs of our university, we conduct regular sessions on new technologies such as Voice Technology, ML and Cloud Technology. I am also a part of the Literary Society, TechnoLiterati, where we help juniors with their technical and oratory skills.
Apart from this, I am a Microsoft Student Partner and MLH(Major League Hacking) facilitator. I love to talk about women empowerment and how technology can help us achieve equality. I am also a #IamRemarkable Facilitator, where I conduct workshops for women and help them with self-promotion and self-confidence.
I worked with Web Technologies and Java. I made a project, Equinox, which retrieves data from a NodeMCU and displays it, along with a graph.
Android - made a Book Sharing App for the LearnIt Girl program.
I have worked with NGOs like Goonj and Rotaract Club (Rotary.org) to help improve livelihood during disasters and increase awareness on various issues.
Passionate about design!
I'm looking for
Opportunity to learn, interact with colleagues and clients, make implementable products
Design + Code are the best solutions
Intern (SD, Design, DevRel or APM)

No preference

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