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Sayantika Banik

An avid explorer, working to make diversity as a vision .

About Me
I have been exploring & experimenting with multiple stacks and ventures from past 03 years in diverse sectors of technology such as Machine Learning, Cloud Architecture, Internet of Things (IoT), Product Development and R&D sector.
Learning and innovating something different has been always my prime motivation.
With the same enthusiasm I have been actively working with multiple tech communities like GDG Blr (Google Developer Groups) and WTM Blr (Women Techmakers).
My name is Sayantika Banik "GHCI Scholar 2018". I am final year Information Science and Engineering student at Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore (graduating by June end 2019) with above-mentioned portfolio career experience.
I'm looking for
Better exposure to community and tech
Product manager,Developer, Developer advocate/evangelist

Open to relocate

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