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Sai Honig

Multicultural, multilingual, multipotentialite, world traveller, US citizen living in New Zealand

About Me
Demonstrated expertise in information security management, technology risk management and design.
I have worked in banking, education and healthcare industries. My experience includes:
• Designing of end-to-end cloud systems with security in mind.
• Familiarity with software lifecycle development, COBIT, ITIL, DevSecOps, Cloud (AWS) implementations, Project Management, NIST, ISO 27001, NZISM, PCI-DSS, SOX, GDPR.
• Demonstrable history of delivering the information security message to clients and internal stakeholders including C-suite and Board Members.
• Understanding of end-to-end information security incident management processes and best practice.
• International Board governance experience.
• Architecture and design reviews, change control, financial, operational, governance and ICT reports as well as enterprise-wide, project-level or third-party risk assessments.
• Work experience in New Zealand (permanent resident) and the United States (citizen).
I'm looking for
Accepting of different views, cloud based and flexible work schedule
Cloud security consultant or architect

DC, remote

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