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Roniece Ricardo

Web developer, educator, occasional longboarder.

About Me
I come from an education background, and I'm interested in not only my growth but the growth of those around me. Because I love teaching, I also love learning. After attending Flatiron School, I picked up Next.js in 2 days so that I could have an app to demo that made use of something we didn't cover in the curriculum.
I work best when being challenged. When I came to Atlanta, it was to help open a brand new Flatiron School campus. Starting a new campus was exciting and I had to delicately balance being comfortable with being vulnerable. It was a major exercise in listening and self-improvement. In the middle of the program, one of my students thanked me for being transparent and open to criticism, even when stress was high. I appreciated my students for always being honest and helping to shape campus culture.
I'm looking for
I'm looking for mentorship and opportunities for professional development. I want to take on greater responsibility in the future, so professional development is very important to me. I also want to deepen my knowledge and craft as an engineer.
Software Engineer

NYC, Remote

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