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Roberto Santos

Software engineer, musician, outdoorsman and prolific reader, born and raised in the Mariana Islands. I’m passionate about cross-cultural communication, diversity and cross-cultural communication.

About Me
I’m a JavaScript developer who enjoys the powerful breakthroughs that come from the challenges of creating an intuitive and memorable front-end experience for data that empowers the user to make insightful and informed decisions. I’m from the islands that saw the end of World War II, where I was raised speaking several different languages, and I appreciate the strategy involved in bringing people from vastly different backgrounds to deeper understanding and meaningful interaction. Finding a visual, aural and contextual experience that resonates with the user is my thrill, and I believe the most effective way to hone this skill is to experience my own environment in a variety of ways. When it comes to software development, I’m most capable building in React, but I also build my own databases in Node and Express, and enjoy finding various insights through exploring different SQL queries.
I'm looking for
I value being on a team I can learn from, that also empowers me as a compassionate educator. I’m just as curious about each individual’s process as I am about the process of each platform I work for. Enrolling my team into everyone’s mutual success is a talent of mine, and I value my colleagues seeking the same from me.
Software engineer, web developer, web designer

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